Date night

Date Night is something I’ve heard of, off and on, for a couple of years now. Be it from friends; status updates on Facebook or even in films and tv programmes.

‘Hooray for date night tonight’ they say.

Now this is a concept I’ve yet to experience.

Each time I’ve heard it mentioned I’ve thought ‘ooh, how lovely’ and ‘oh, wouldn’t that be nice’, but that thought is swiftly followed by ‘oh, but what about the babysitters?’ and ‘but we can’t really warrant spending unnecessarily whilst we’ve got the credit card bill to pay off!’

Well I think now this is something my husband and I should address.

I mean, it’s not like we don’t see each other, we do get to spend time together watching tv, curled up on the sofa, or generally busying ourselves around the house, but it’s the ‘quality time’ I think we’re lacking.

To have a conversation over dinner about grown up things that perhaps aren’t even concerning the kids; or laugh, cry or be on the edge of our seats at the latest blockbuster movie; or perhaps just a romantic stroll along the riverbank on a summers day (although knowing my luck I’ll probably tread in dog poo which might wipe the ‘romance’ bit out of the picture!)

Anyhow, I have high hopes this will be our year of the date night! I’ve suggested to my husband that we start near valentines day, as I think this will give us a sort of deadline, which forces us to take the first steps!

So I will report back at a later date to let you know how it went and if we really did manage to get out!! (And whether we managed to stay up past 9pm without lots of yawning and falling asleep in our dinner plates!)

That reminds me ……. better book a babysitter now!

“Mum, what are you up to on….???”


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