Daylight savings

More like sanity saving!!

I cannot wait for March 30th.

I don’t usually like to wish away the days and hours, as they are just so precious (and actually this sometimes reduces me to tears to think how fast they are growing up), but in my case at the moment, I have certainly got enough awake hours in a day!

Ella turns 1 at the end of this month, but we just can’t get her to sleep in any later that 5/6’o clock each morning!

Holly was sleeping until 7am at this age, and I know, I know,…… all babies are different, and develop at differing stages etc etc…
…………but I’m tired and I wanna go to bed!!

And I most definately require as much beauty sleep as I can get nowadays!!!

She often stirs through the night still as well, alhough this does seem to be lessening lately. (I nearly didn’t type that last comment for fear of jinxing things!!)

It’s just these early mornings which we can’t seem to fathom.

We’ve had lots of input and suggestions from fellow parents about introducing a ‘dream feed’ or substituting the early milk feed for water, but we feel we’re so close to the finish line now, we really don’t want to take a step backwards. And with the help of the clocks going forward that single hour, at least she’d be waking each day at a far more reasonable hour!!!

Sometimes she can even wake from 4’o clock, which is just bloody ridiculous.

Not just a ‘slightly stirring’ awake, but a full on, beaming grin, cot bouncing, “don’t even think about leaving me in here, mummy” wide awake!

Sometimes you can pop your head around her door, just to check that she’s settled herself back down after stirring, and she’ll be stood up waving at you!!

Again, beaming grin and bouncing!!

And if, as you’ve just been caught off guard with the wave, you let slip the slightest smirk or chuckle – that’s it. She knows she’s won!!

So anyway, this silly routine we seem to have got ourselves into is as follows:

  • Ella wakes up any time between 4am and 6am, as bright as a button
  • We quickly whip her out of her cot and downstairs, just so the others can sleep a while longer
  • We give her her bottle, while trying to keep eyes awake by catching up with any new box sets! (Although in my husbands case it’s by watching the most boring programmes on the television: Axe Men, Manhunt, Trawler Wars, Auction Hunters, Counting Cars, Backyard Oil etc! – Does anyone else have a husband like this or is it just me?!?!)

And oh no – she won’t go straight back down once she’s had her milk either.

She’s ready to play!!

So we have to hide the shaky/squeaky/musical toys, and let her chew something instead, again so as not to wake the rest of the house!

Then, if we’re lucky, the tell tale signs start to appear – the sneaky eye rubs, the ear pulling, full on yawns!

So it’s then that we try to put her back in her cot for another little snooze, though this can be as little as half an hour, if she even goes down at all! Then she’s bright eyed and bushy tailed all over again!!

Although it sounds like the worse option, at least if she wakes up at four, there’s a good chance that you can return to bed for a bit, whereas if she wakes at 5 or 5:30, I can never seem to fall asleep again. So that’s it until bedtime. Which is evidently becoming earlier each evening! (I’m in bed typing this now thinking what a late night I’m having at 8:48pm!)

Honestly, I thought I needed to reapply my smudged eyeliner the other day – but alas it wasn’t the eyeliner. Permanent dark circles instead! Ooh goody!! Looks totally brilliant together with the withering cheeks and the increasing grouped populations of grey hairs atop my head!!


Anyway, not long to go now until the clocks spring forward that wonderful hour, where my husband and I are hoping for that little miracle!

Perhaps even a lie in!!!

Wish us luck!!


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