Spot the difference…. (just for fun!)

Who doesn’t love a game of Spot the Difference!?

So lets play a little game of our own shall we…..

Though as the title suggests….it’s just for fun.

Here are two photographs of my youngest daughters nursery.  

Have a little look at them and see if you can notice whats different?

(Ok – aside from time of day, picture quality etc!!)



Yes – you’ve got it……. there’s a few missing wall stickers in the second picture!

Here they are….



 I found them lying mysteriously in crumpled heaps on the floor.

So how did they possibly get there??

Well…. this is what I stumbled upon the other day….

stickers 1 A-ha!!

stickers 2 Caught in the act!!


Trying to flee the scene!!

Yes, my very naughty, mischievous little 11 month old has pulled the stickers off the wall, with such force that we even need to repaint!

She is now grounded!!!

Anyhow – just thought I’d share!!


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