Not forgetting the small things #2

H came home a very excited and happy little lady last week after spending the day at Grandma C’s house.

Mummy, mummy, Grandma’s built me a house out of sticks!

I suddenly got the feeling that I was a little pig (no – not because of the packet of digestives I’d eaten that day, or the giant Easter egg that mysteriously seemed to have disappeared!!), and I’m half expecting to see a big bad wolf try to huff and puff our house down!

Anyway, naturally I assume it’s a normal, run of the mill den, made of a few sticks with a big sheet or blanket over the top to make the roof.

But oh no! Not Grandma C’s den!!

Here it is!

Holly April 2014_002


She’d weaved it out of willow branch cuttings she’d collected from our tree!!!

How fantastic!

It’s like a little willow igloo.

She’s also excited as Grandma has promised to sleep in it in sleeping bags together at some point!

Carry on, I say! But rather you than me!!


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