Not forgetting the small things…..

The purpose of these little ‘status update’ posts will be to serve as little reminders for me of any small but still meaningful, things that have been said or done that don’t really warrant a full post, but do need to be remembered!

Memory milestones, if you like, that will catalogue the very little things in life that make my days more memorable.

The silly things that have made me laugh; the sad things that have made me cry; or just the plain everyday things that just seem to go by without acknowledgement for that very same reason.

And, for which one day we can sit and look back at with our girls to show them what good times and fun we had together or to enlighten them of the weird and wonderful things they used to get up to!!

So, if you see this title again, please excuse the complete randomness, lack of words, or pure nonsense.

It’s just me making a mental note of a part of my life I don’t want to forget.

So, until the next time……. X


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