The Teeny Tiny memories…..

Although I may just have to have this as a ‘Not to forget the small things’ reminder too!

And seriously, this time it really is the silliest, smallest little things that I want to remember!!

Those moments or things which, if you explained them to anyone without children or indeed a fellow parent, you’d just sound like a bit of a nut; but to a mummy and daddy, puts a smile across your face, creates a warm glow inside you, and a tweaking of your heart strings.

They’re the silly moments, that only other parents would recognize as even being something to write down at all.

But they are totally and utterly personal to your children and their parents. You!

So, what the bloody hell am I going on about?

Well, they’re the random things that I just find lying around the house, or stumble upon all of a sudden.

Tiny but still beautiful reminders of two little people who I love unconditionally with all my heart.

So I’m afraid they’re not even long enough or meaty enough to write as status updates, let alone posts.

Just short one liners (isn) which I will laugh about again someday….

Also,  I think this is a page I shall return to in the future, in order to note down even more of the little moments which mean the world to me, put a smile on my face or make me sad at the thought of them growing up and getting older…

In the meantime – here’s just some of what I’ve found recently…….

……… Going into the bathroom to brush my teeth only to find there’s a Happyland fire truck parked on the door handle;


…….. Finding Cinderella and Rapunzel sitting staring at each other whilst happily perched in a pair of my boots;


…….. Listening to the Lego Duplo brick banging and clanking, whilst spinning round and around in the washing machine;

……… All the washing line pegs literally pegged all over each handle on the kitchen units;

…….. The random sock I found in my work bag which fell out onto my desk when I tried to take out my diary;


……. Another time at (my new!!) work when someone points out the ‘You’ve been a good girl today’ reward sticker on my back!;

……. The time I had to ask H if she’d been playing with my pressed face powder again, and ask where she’d put it – to have her present me with a sanitary towel case (of all things!), with the powder wedged neatly into it!!!

…… Baby (a doll – not my actual baby!!) sat facing the wall, as she’d been naughty so was sat having ‘time out’!!! – NB: we have never made H face the wall!!


And then of course there’s the moments where, of course, you still totally love your little darlings – but perhaps there are just some things you don’t want to find!!!….

We only painted this room a few weeks ago!!!!



I still love them though 🙂

And can’t wait for the very many more teeny tiny memories yet to come!!!




  1. 31st August 2015 / 8:27 pm

    Beautiful Post, I took things for granted with my 16 yo & 18 yo but completely opposite with my two babies (2yo & 9mo). I love once they are in bed sitting back and seeing their things about the house x

  2. 8th July 2015 / 6:27 am

    I love this, and I completely get what you mean about the little things that make you smile that others wouldn’t understand. X

  3. 27th June 2015 / 8:52 pm

    This post makes me smile, and reassures me that it os completely normal for your heart to physically ache when you stumble upon or hear such ‘tiny things’. Writing them down is a fab idea – as they can be so easily forgotten in the blink of an eye. When I tidy up at night I find things my 21/2 year old has been doing (all the teaspoons from the kitchen neatly placed in her toy rabbit hutch or all of her magnetic alphabet letters in her saucepan in her toy oven). Since she was born I have always spoken about my Nanny B who passed away before she was born. always told her how special she was – never expecting a response. Today I was in the kitchen, she came in and told me Nanny B is in heaven, then she left again. I could have cried.

    In the words of Paloma Faith “Only Love can hurt like this” !

    These moments are everything being a parent is about.

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