Working 9 til 5……..


I have just completed my first week back at work after maternity leave and redundancy.

And how daunting was that?

Hugely so, but I’ve done it!

That first day of work after having over a year off.

The day I’ve been quietly dreading since actually starting my maternity leave back in February last year!

Its done, finished, ……. Over!

And do you know what, I actually feel quite positive about the whole thing.

Apart from missing the girls, obviously, but that was always going to be hard to take and deal with, but I’ve just got to remind myself that they will be perfectly fine.  And they were.  Ok, so E had a cry as Daddy left her in the room with the nursery staff, but not long after that, she had settled in quite nicely, and played and talked for the rest of the day.

So anyway, the job itself seems ok.

I already just sort of slotted in and become part of the furniture. My sense of humour fits that of the team, they’re friendly, easy going, trusting and keen to help.

I suppose it helps that I already know a few people around the building, but am also confident to just say hi to whoever

My desk area is huge, I’ve got a fabulous view out of a large window, and have even received an Easter egg from my new boss!

If it wasn’t for the fact that I need to learn A LOT(!) for the new position, it’s as if I’ve been there for years!!!

So far so good!!!

So, fingers crossed I get the permanent position at the end if the the temporary contract.

And to finally top the week, it’s a long weekend already!

Happy Easter!!


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