Not forgetting the small things #4

So this is probably the post where people judge my parenting skills and abilities, or disapprove of how inappropriate I am or how I am perhaps teaching my little ones bad habits.

If so, I’m afraid on this occasion I would have to disagree.

It was Sunday evening, and having had an extremely busy though beautiful day with both girls being christened (yes – a bit late I know seeing as they are aged 3 and 1, but all will be explained in a later post!!) – Mr B and I were tired out!!

The day had been a long one as we’d been up extra early to start prepping food, drink etc – even earlier than our normal 6am!

But this, when added to having a couple(!) of glasses of champagne from around midday in the heat of the fabulous sunshine(we were so lucky!!), our heads were a little dizzy from the mixture of bubbles and the sun’s rays!

Once all our guests had left, we just slumped onto the sofas and pretty much counted down the minutes until bedtime!!!!

So, as soon as little E had been popped to bed, Mr B, H and I all snuggled down under mummy and daddies duvet and clicked the TV on.

It was barely 7pm!!!

And still very much light outside!!!

Hooray for black out blinds!!

I know – how naughty – H should really have been in her own bed as they’ll be repercussions. But hey! Every now again is fine by me!

(Poor parenting issue #1 – bad bedtime routine)

We let H watch an episode of Dora, to settle and calm her down after her busy day of gallivanting around the garden wither her friends, where I think she’d probably eaten nothing but popcorn, a bread roll, sweets and christening cake! So, yes – she was a little hyperactive but on odd occasions we don’t mind with this.

(Poor parenting issue #2 – bad diet)

(Poor parenting issue #3 – shouldn’t be using the big rectangular box as a babysitter)

Mr B played games on the iPad whilst I caught up on social media gossip!

(Poor parenting issue #4 – should be conversing and interacting with our children rather than being glued to technical devices!!)

As soon as Dora had finished, we asked H to snuggle down, close her eyes and try to sleep. This was a little tricky as she was still quite excited from the day’s events, and kept bursting in to giggles.

Mr B and I thought this was funny too, so joined in the laughter, until we had all calmed down and once again asked H to go to sleep.

This happened a few times before she actually started to look a little more dozy!

But by this time though, she had hyped up me and Mr B!!

So just as she was dozing off, I leant my face down close to hers and blew a huge raspberry!


( I’m sorry – I don’t know how to spell the sound of a raspberry!!)

She jumped up in a whole new fit of laughter and giggles.

Again we laughed with her, but then told her to settle back down again and go to sleep, which she did.

We blew another raspberry!

This went on for a short while, with all of us in fits of laughter.

H squirmed with glee and grinned from ear to ear as she told us how silly we were!

It was one of those moments, (not sure if any others get this) where you are just so over-tired, that even the smallest, silliest things are highly amusing.

In the end though, I gently tickled her back and got her to sleep, closely followed I think by myself (minus the back tickle)!!

So yes. It was a very silly half an hour, not at all adult of us, probably not in the ‘proper parenting handbook’ and quite possibly frowned upon by some.

But we loved it. Every minute of it!

H was cuddled up with mummy and daddy, being silly and having fun.

I could go out and buy her new toys or clothes but it’s the little memories that she will look back upon and love – not her new Frozen wand or ruffled skirt!!

Plus, with little E being only 1 and a bit years old, she can easily monopolise a lot of our time, so it was just so lovely and precious to have H all to ourselves just for those short, silly minutes, where she felt safe, happy and loved.

So yes – it was silly.

Yes – we were immature.

But children grow up so fast these days and have so many years ahead of them in which to be sensible and serious.

So I say, why not have a little silly fun while you can!!

Please excuse the awful quality photo I will now add below!!





  1. 10th June 2014 / 10:31 am

    Oh I loves reading this post !! I’m pretty sure when it comes to parenting – adulthood is thrown out the door the minute we describe food as “na na” lol !! So heart warming !!! Truly inspirational X
    P.s. Don’t think there’s anything along the lines of a handbook otherwise we’d all be pros at this little something called “motherhood”
    Have a good night (:
    From Aus

    • 10th June 2014 / 4:45 pm

      Thank you xx Was having a rough morning at work and your comment worked wonders to cure my blues!!! And I suppose baby language only really becomes a problem when we start to talk to other friends and relatives in the same way – “Mr B, would you like a bic-bic with your coffee?” Ha ha! xx

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