My Munchkins – Little E {November 14}

We’ve noticed that Little E has discovered a complete and utter love of books.  We laugh at how, when she wants your attention – (yes, invariably so you can read her a book), she just taps on our arm constantly until we give in. Then she snuggles her bum right into the smallest gap on your lap and settles in for her favourite story.

Or on occasions, she just sits and reads to herself! Out loud!!!


If ever you’re sat cross legged on the floor too, I would give it approximately ten seconds before she clocks this, comes trotting over and uses you as her personal armchair!

Her speech is coming on in leaps and bounds.

Other than the biggies which she learnt a good while back now like, mummy, daddy, grandpa (well, bapa), she’s also said Megan (her Aunty), and she can pretty much say Ella. But the one she really struggles massivley with is Holly, and every time she tries to say it she just seems to poke her tongue out instead and say ‘bleughhhh’

Which we find hilarious! I must get a video of this one day soon.

Other words she’s added to her ever and fast growing repertoire recently are:

  • please
  • hello
  • bye bye
  • thank you
  • up please
  • there she is
  • bubble
  • apple
  • sit down
  • baby

and our personal favourites….

  • poo-poo
  • wee-wee
  • iPad(!! – in her dreams!!)
  • ……..and Vernon

(This is my dad’s name but she’s obviously heard my mum talking to him and has started calling him Vernon instead of Grandpa!!!!)

So, some are rather random but we love her for it!!

She also loves making animal noises and can pretty much make any animal sound you ask her to.


I love it where she will pop her lips to make the bubble noise of a fish and if you ask her for a rabbit – she wriggles her nose.

We’ve sometimes actually used this skill as a bit of a calming down technique, where, in the middle of a tantrum if you turn to her and say ‘how does a lion go’, she starts roaring and the tantrum will be a thing of the past! Good huh?!

The games Little E loves to play along with her big sister are hiding out, setting up camp or playing peek a boo in mummy and daddy’s wardrobe; jack in the laundry basket(!), chase and role play with her dolls.

Playing with dolls

There are also times when she just doesn’t stop talking. As long as you intersperse her sentences with ‘ooh ok then’ and ‘really?’, or ‘you didn’t?!’ she will have a full blown conversation with you and ramble on forever.

She also ABSOLUTELTY LOVES dancing!

To anything and everything!

you name it – she’ll be up dancing to it. Songs on the radio, music on her tv programmes or in adverts, even just to rhythms. At the moment she especially loves a certain episode of In The Night Garden, where Tombiliboo E plays his drum too fast(!) and she just dances as fast as she can or runs around jigging all over the place in time to the beat.

Again I must see if I can get some videos on here some how (something I’ve yet to learn)

Little E Sunday walk

As with all toddlers I’m sure, she is so amazingly active and constantly on the go.  Sort of like the Duracell bunny.   Recently she’s been practising her jumping, twirling and galloping and she often likes to run around on her tiptoes like a ballerina!

She also has THE MOST IMMENSE tantrums! Honestly I’d never seen anything like it before. H’s tantrums were not a patch on these. And to be honest I think she’s going to be a bit of a madam and give us a run for our money! The biggies always seem to occur in the most public of places too! Highly embarrassing!!


She has also become a little bit of a water baby. We never took her to the classes or anything but she just seemed to get in and get on with it. I suppose it helps that big sis, is in the pool and playing so she just wants to join in. She has absolutely no fear.

Shes like it in the bath too. Whereas has only just got comfortable again with putting her head in the water, while lying down on her back in the bath, Little E just does it without hesitation.

she also makes a right mess!!

Messy Little E

Whether it be eating, drawing and colouring on walls, on mummy’s birthday presents(!), or unloading all the toys or kitchen cupboards and clothes drawers!!

purse graffiti

But to us she’s a loveable little nightmare!!

Just this week she practically scooped half of the bath water out from the bath and over onto the bathroom floor, all the while, giggling her head off! H was in hysterics too! Then, when I asked her to stop and told her not to do it any more, she continued on regardless. So I confiscated the cup. At which point, complete with wide eyes and beaming mischievous grin, she just started splashing me!!

I really do think we’ve got our work cut out here!!

But she’s too cute and funny so she pretty much gets away with it!

Little E

Mami 2 Five


  1. 23rd November 2014 / 8:19 pm

    Ha ha I love the tantrum picutres, and changing her dollies is so sweet. Joe used to have the Norman the Slug book its great x

  2. 23rd November 2014 / 7:31 pm

    Such a lovely post! She is so cute! I adore the picture of her in the washing basket! #SundayStars xxx

  3. 23rd November 2014 / 5:44 pm

    OMG Little E is sooooooo cute!! Love the nappy on head pic. What a beautiful post. “iPad – in her dreams” Brilliant! Really love this post! Great work hun! mwah xxxx #SundayStars

    • 24th November 2014 / 8:52 pm

      Yeah right – no iPad until she’s at least two!! Hahaha – no way Jose!!! Cheers my dears. Xxxx

  4. 23rd November 2014 / 4:57 pm

    Oh she is ADORABLE! Even the tantrum incident in the pram!! Love this post. You’ll all look back on this one day and laugh!! I love it when the twins sit down and read books – it’s so cute 🙂 Jess xx Thanks for linking up #sundaystars

  5. 23rd November 2014 / 2:03 pm

    She is absolutely gorgeous, love love the washing basket photo. I also adore children who love books. She will be as clever as her Mummy one day! #sundaystars

  6. 21st November 2014 / 5:07 pm

    A lovely post and so similar to my daughter Tilly who has just turned 22 months. She also loves her books and is becoming a real chatterbox. Tilly has also picked up ‘iPad’ and now uses it to demand to play with any tablet we have out – not great when you’re trying to get some blogging done!

    • 24th November 2014 / 10:23 pm

      Honestly Dan, I even considered the idea of buying them one this Christmas. Then my husband quickly slipped some sense into me! (Not literally

  7. 21st November 2014 / 2:03 pm

    Fantastic that E is into her books and building her vocabulary. We’ve been so lucky that all three of our kids love books – a window into so many new worlds!

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