Weekly Photo Roundup | 12th December 2014

Bit late but hey – at least I’ve done most of my Christmas Shopping!!



1. Me with attempted curly locks for my works party.  I wish I was better at styling my own hair and doing makeup!  If anyone out there want to help – it would be much appreciated! Something to work at perhaps!!My lovely girls playing a game together.  Gosh they grow up so fast!!

2.  Little E not really knowing what to do with herself whilst waiting for Big Sis to come out onto the stage!

3.  My gorgeous H-Pops in her starring role as Mary in the Pre-school nativity this week.  I was so very proud of her as she sat there next to Joseph clinging to her baby Jesus dolly!!


1.  H goes to a weekly dance class, and this weekend the parents were invited in to watch the dance routine too.  It was fancy dress, so H went as a little fairy. Though personally we rather loved it as Doc McStuffins was running around the studio dance floor with her medical case!!

2.  Just a big Hooray for Christmas!!  I liked the postcard!!

3.  Outside our local Corn Exchange waiting to go in watch Aladdin.


1.  Newbury’s Festival of Lanterns – was such a pretty parade – we really want to take part next year.

2.  Our Christmas Tree up and in all its splendour!! Though the journey to getting it finished was a little on the tricky side (read here!)

3.  My two beautiful little girls playing together happily on the carpet.  Just as sisters should do.  Its always lovely to watch them grow up to be best friends.


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