Weekend Box Club Review

If you’re anything like me, you try desperately to be a really super duper mummy, you know the ones I mean, the ones who are always showing you their latest creations that they just ‘popped’ together in five minutes flat, with one hand while changing the baby, washing up and
As much as I try – I am not this type of mum.

For a couple of reasons I would say.

The Weekend Box Club_ Review

Firstly, I totally lack inspiration.

Seriously, if it wasn’t for the wondrous tool that is Pinterest, I’d be completely stumped for ideas!

And secondly, because as much as I like to think I’m organised, I really don’t think I am as organised I’d like!

If I set my mind on a project, invariably something will go wrong; as I’d have forgotten the key ingredient, the glue would have dried up or someone just knocks the paint all over the kitchen floor.

So, when I received a lovely surprise through my front door the other day from the fabulous people at The Weekend Box Club, I was delighted to find a little box of tricks that would help me be that person I want to be for my children!

The Weekend Box ClubThese fabulous, innovative and hugely popular activity boxes, designed for children aged 3 – 6 years, are delivered direct to your door every fortnight, with each box including the arts & craft materials necessary for the four activities which aim to encourage high-quality activities for you & your children to enjoy together.

Plus, it’s environmentally friendly too – with 95% of each Weekend Box’s contents coming from recycled material! How brilliant is that!

Super-mummy here I come!

I can be totally amazing after all!

The box itself was really cute. Just the right size for a packaged product like this as it fits neatly through the letter box, which is just perfect for those at work all day or for if you’ve popped out with the kids.

The decor of the box is great too – bright, cheerful and full of friendly character faces to entice your little ones to get involved in the activities even more so!

Weekend Box

Not that this is needed of course, because what child doesn’t like to get down to a good spot of craft activity. Especially if there’s the opportunity to create mess!!

Upon opening the box, we found four individual activities were neatly packaged into individual envelopes, each one colour coordinated with a matching coloured instruction leaflet per envelope. And our box this time was based on an Aztec theme.

How exciting.

Weekend Box

So in we went for the first craft session: We made coasters!!

This was a pretty easy activity – though I must say we kept it pretty simple ourselves on purpose. With older kids I expect there would be more ‘patience’ involved to create a more ‘technical’ Aztec patterned mosaic. We opted for slightly misshapen squares – but we were still pleased with how they turned out. And H was ever so proud as she handed a coaster to her Daddy and told him to put his drink on it!!

Weekend Box

The next activity was to make an Aztec inspired hot chocolate, so a normal hot chocolate with some additional ‘secret Aztec spices’!! Not really sure what that meant – but to a child, as soon as you mention the word ‘secret’ it brings a whole new wave of excitement and intrigue to any activity.

Weekend Box

Then it was on to the Aztec parrots!

These were great fun and personally my favourite of the four activities as they turned out so well. But give me anything with googley eyes and I’m a happy crafty mummy!!!

Not sure if anyone else does this, but in our house I keep a carrier bag full of ‘random odds and ends’ which I use for craft activities for a rainy day, and so in here I had a couple of toilet rolls easily to hand. If however, you don’t have such a thing, it was suggested to cut up the box itself and just roll this up into a tube.  Again – reusable materials which is great.

Just look how cute these little parrots are….

Weekend Box

And then finally our last activity was to create Aztec pictures.

These were really exciting. The activity is sort of in two parts because you need to wait until the glue has dried before you can complete the task.  And I’m not sure who was more impatient – the kids or myself – but I went and fetched a hairdryer to speed along the process!

It was a brilliant activity as Holly was very impressed with the outcome and looked in amazement as she printed her pattern onto the card, as she had created it all herself.

It was so wonderful to see her beaming from ear to ear full of pride as to her little accomplishment.

Weekend Box

So overall – as my first ever Weekend Box, and my first ever experience of this type of organised and pre-packaged activity, I was really rather impressed indeed!

It’s a brilliant way to prompt activities with your little ones, come rain or shine and to make it easier for busy mums and dads on the go.

I had a lovely weekend spending time doing these crafts with my girls, and it’s inspired me to continue.

Weekend Box

And I get the feeling the girls were pretty proud of their arts and crafts achievements too….

Weekend Box

These could also be great for a group of you to meet up with your boxes and have a craft morning with your friends and your little ones.

And also, it would be fabulous to buy as a gift subscription for someone – which really would be the gift that keeps on giving!

So, if you fancy trying this fabulous box of tricks out for yourself, all you have to do is use the code STEPHANIE215 at and you will receive your first box for free*!!

This code can redeemed via their website www.weekendboxclub.com

*Please note: This is for new customers only and only one box per household.


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