A Summer Wedding in Bordeaux

So, I’m afraid this is probably the first in a fair few picture posts of my lovely long weekend spent in France.

The wedding was the whole reason for visiting France in the first place. One of Mikey’s university friends was finally getting hitched!

Obviously we needed to stay somewhere close to the venue, so four of us stayed in a beautiful little B & B just 10 minutes away, but I’ve saved that for the next post.

The wedding venue could not have been more picture perfect.

It was held in the Chateau De La Couronne, Marthon, in the stunning Bordeaux region of France, in amongst the surrounding lush greens of the countryside.


The day before the wedding, there was a lovely relaxing and very informal evening do where everyone who’d travelled over to France was able to get to know one another over a few drinks and a bite to eat. There were not vast numbers of guests invited so this made for a really special ‘close family’ feel to the whole event.

The day couldn’t have been more perfect.

The church was a fabulous old building, set in the middle of a rather small village, and to make it all the more perfect, there was a quaint little pub just opposite where we all gathered before heading in to see our friends get married. The day was blistering already, so it was just what the doctor odered to quench our thirst with a few drinks beforehand, and obviously for the Groom to have a small one just to calm his nerves!



A quick selfie of Mikey and I while we waited for the bride to arrive…


Then, after the formalities of the church, it was a short stroll down along the country road to the reception venue.  The party had hired out the entire chateau for a week, which housed I think around 26 of them in total.  Complete with a pool and beautiful grounds it was a perfect ‘home from home’, yet perhaps on a slightly grander scale!bordwedding3

It was such a beautiful day – though it was VERY hot! All the guests had to huddle together into whichever shady nooks we could find, just to escape the sweltering rays of the midday sun, so we were all highly impressed with the bride that she managed to stay so super cool and look fabulous throughout even in her stunning but large and most likely, rather heavy wedding gown!


Then – as with all weddings – it was party time!

A superb wedding breakfast and speeches, followed by plenty of dancing to the most brilliant band I think I’ve ever heard at a wedding before!  They really did have everyone up and on their feet for the entire evening, – apart from me of course – who was sat feeling a all poorly and sorry for myself in the corner!

Though, I still had a lovely time watching and taking photos to embarrass people with the following day!

I didn’t think it would be fitting to add these into the post though!



A wonderful day, celebrating a wonderful and now, happily married couple.

And the perfect excuse for a fabulous weekend away.

love steph



  1. 16th July 2015 / 6:54 am

    Those photos are stunning. It looks like the perfect and most romantic setting for a wedding. I am so sorry that you were feeling poorly and weren’t able to enjoy yourself properly. I hope you had fun anyway. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

    • 19th July 2015 / 6:03 pm

      Oh I did still manage to have a super lovely time. Just had to have a large supply of tissues at the ready!! S xxxx

  2. 3rd July 2015 / 4:27 pm

    Omg I want to get married in a chateaux it looks so stunning Steph how magical, and fab photos xx

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  4. 1st July 2015 / 10:54 pm

    Gorgeous pics. What a beautiful venue for a wedding. I’m picturing you all huddling together in a small patch of shade! It was like that at my weddings it was so booming hot! X

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