Gift Guide: Top Games for Family Fun This Christmas

As a young girl, I look back fondly at the memories of growing up in my family. I remember how we used to spend so much time together playing games, which is something, I think happens a little less nowadays in thi age of the TV, iPad and video games. Perhaps even because of our dear friends, Social Media.


Which is a shame. I remember us playing silly games, such as blind mans buff with my parents, in our living room, so how we didn’t manage to catch each quicker the mind boggles! I remember playing the good old games, like Ker-Plonk, Monopoly, and Snakes and Ladders. And I remember having an ongoing battle with my Dad over Yachtzee. We still have the game now, and in the lid, I can see where I’ve written down a running commentary of who won – in my old hand writing all those many years ago.

It was such a brilliant time. Quality time spent together as a family. Interacting with one another, talking, laughing.

As parents ourselves now, we have played games with our girls for as long as they have been able to understand what they’re meant to do. Ok, so sometimes the rules go out of the window, or there’s the odd sulk, where they don’t yet understand that thy can’t always be the winners, but it’s always fun and a lovely way to spend time with them.

Some of our favurtite games have come from Orchard Toys, who have the most wonderful, and seemingly ever growing, selection of games aimed at younger children. Games which are easy to learn and understand, with themes suitable for their age range and which each teach the children something different.

If you’ve not heard of them before, (though I’m quite sure everyone has) then I really would recommend you look them out.

So, with Christmas now just five weeks away, I thought I’d take a little look at what else is out there, and here are my top game picks for some family fun this Christmas, ranging from some revamped classics through to some pretty barmy, but fun none-the-less games.


1  Orchard Toy’s Tummy Ache Game £9.50

2  Where’s My Cupcake? by Orchard Toys £7.50

3  Guess Who? Game £9.99

4  House of Marbles The Beetle Game £4.99 from John Lewis

5  Pie Face £19.99 from Smyth’s Toys

6  Hedbanz £11.99 from Toys R Us

7  The Gruffalo Ravensburger Gruffalo Game £8.00 at Debenhams

8  Bananagrams Game £11.99

9  Ravensburger Disney Eye Found It Hidden Picture Game £14.99

Have your children asked Father Christmas for any games this year?love steph





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