Decorating with House Plants


In a world of minimalism and monochrome, some of the most popular interior trends of the modern day, sometimes don’t you just feel that something is missing?

I’ve been looking at my own house of late, or at least of what I’m planning for it, and although I love the clean lines, the contemporary style and the pure simplicity of no-fuss room schemes, something was most definitely lacking.

I am excited to live in a home with these styles and trends, but I need something more.

Another element.

Something to lift, soften and contrast against the stark backdrop of the house itself.

Obviously this can be achieved in all manner of ways – some of which I plan on exploring a little later down the line – but the first, the quickest and the most easiest of all ways to accomplish this is simply to pop out to Homebase or your local garden centre and buy a pretty house plant or two!

How simple is that!

The striking and varied tones, hues and shapes of the leaves against the whites, creams and greys of the walls, brings an altogether softer palette and therefore, a much more relaxed, warm and welcoming interior.

And the really good thing is that the plant can enhance you room scheme rather than detract from it. It can compliment your style in a natural, organic way.

For example, standing alongside other home accessories such as the sleek and polished metallic, another trend of the moment, they supplement the look and improve it further by adding a pure and unrefined contrast.

You can easily choose how you want to style your houseplants by selecting the right plant, planter or display to fit your home or scheme.

The variety of houseplants out there is huge, there are tall, angular plants with consistency to their form which would easily compliment a modern or contemporary room, yet there are then the willowy, the unkempt or delicately trailing types which would look fabulous with more classical or more bohemian interiors.

If you’re into simple fuss free living, then how about a pairing the plant in a cute wicker basket or in a natural wooden display, or if you love a little more sparkle and shine, why not go for one of this seasons stylish metallic looks. There are so many options out there available to suit everyones styles and tastes.

And as for displaying your greenery, there are thousands of ideas and options out there to inspire you.

For example you can add a neat linear display of herbs to your kitchen windowsill, or go all out with creating a piece of living artwork!

If you don’t have floor space to fit in one of the taller displays, why not opt for a scheme a little higher up like on shelving or on mantles or even other pieces of furniture.

Now, I’m no Alan Titchmarsh, and having ‘green fingers’ is certainly not synonymous with my reputation. So obviously I’d need to find plants which are easy to care for and maintain. But don’t fear, there are plenty of these out too.

But, aside from being aesthetically pleasing to the eye and enhancing a room making it appear more welcoming and inviting, why else should we have house plants?

Well, the ‘biggy’ I suppose is that they really are actually good for us!

Both physically and mentally!

They’re Good for Our Health

It has long since been researched and now scientifically proven in modern day that house plants are good for our health.

They have been recognized as having the ability to affectively clean and filter the air in our homes, and likewise in our offices and workspaces too.

Have you noticed that your employer has started furnishing with greenery rather than desks and chairs in these last few years?

Every day in our homes we use detergents, sprays, fluids etc all of which emit chemicals and toxins, some which can be harmful to us as humans. We know this as we can all read the warning signs on the reverse of the bottles.

But, some plant species, – such as Aloe Vera, the Rubber Plant, the Snake Plant, the Spider Plant, the Bamboo palm and our very own English Ivy – are now known for their capacity to filter these harmful toxins from the air we breathe and even proven to purify the air that we expel ourselves!

As parents too – we are all extremely health conscious nowadays about what we feed our children, no too much sugar, ensuring that they get enough exercise and the right vitamins to safeguard a healthy upbringing, so why not add the odd toxin-fighting house plant in to the mix too.


CreditOur minds

They’re Good for Our minds

We all love the outdoors. We love the way it makes us feel happy, soothed, relaxed and calm. Nature just has this affect don’t you think?

So it goes without saying that the very presence of anything organic in the home can take this feeling and transfer it indoors and into our homes to bring about a sense of tranquility and wellbeing to our everyday.

And finally, Just Because…

They’re pretty!

They make such a difference to any interior room scheme and add a beautiful natural extra touch!

I’m off out to go and buy a few.

Have I convinced you too??

PS: If you have pets, please be careful to select a plant which isn’t harmful to them too.

love steph

Check out my Pinterest board here for more ideas.

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  1. 5th February 2019 / 3:05 am

    Thanks for the design inspiration! I think you did a wonderful job incorporating those plant with your room design scheme. I love incorporating plants in my home too, I enjoy mixing and matching them, which plants best go to a certain corner. Because I am work busy and not much of a green thumb, I do have some silk plants laid around the house and most of the real ones are outside where they can get proper sunlight. Lovely post!

  2. 25th January 2016 / 10:46 am

    I couldn’t agree more Steph! I love having flowers and greenery around our house. I’m not the most green fingered person, so I do have a few fake plants dotted around but I have an orchid in the kitchen that’s now blooming for the second time – and I’ve had it since last May!! *winning!!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #SundayStars xx

  3. 24th January 2016 / 4:45 pm

    I was just recently thinking I’d like to get some plants! How long they would last is another issue!

  4. 24th January 2016 / 9:32 am

    I love house plants, my mum & nana used to always have some around the home, however with Archie’s Autism they would either get eaten (seriously) or destroyed so instead I have a few artificial ones instead that can just be replaced every now & then 🙂 #SundayStars

  5. 22nd January 2016 / 10:13 am

    Oh we have so much of the same taste hunny. I have recently went on a plant buying frenzy and they are all over my house in various sizes and shapes.I love it. I do tend to kill them all so many of them are fake as well. I love a good mix of it always feels airy and fresh in a home.

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