Looking Forward to 2016

2015 was a bit of a rough old ride for our little household, even considering I had so many lovely things to look forward to when I wrote my last ‘looking forward to’ post a similar time last year.

But, with that ‘annus horribilis’ now part of our past, I’m going to look forward to this New Year and make plans with my wonderful family and friends where we create and craft many more new and exciting memories to try and counter some of the less good ones last year.

So, what do we have on the cards for 2016 then? Lots of lovely things to be honest, so I thought I’d write them all out. Almost like a ‘happy list’ I suppose, to keep me going as I get up early each day in the dark and the cold and trundle off to work!

Centerparcs over new year

Yes – so technically this has now happened, but the holiday did span into 2016, so I’m using it!

But yes, I’ve already written a post – so if you fancy a read, it’s here.



Family Wedding in the USA

Yup. We’re off to the US of A for one of my husband’s cousins weddings. It’s taking place in Austin, Texas to be precise.

I’ve never actually been to America, albeit passed through customs before heading over to the BVI’s once, so I’m really very excited. I’ve done a little reading and from what I can gather so far, everything in Texas is bigger and better. Now rightly or wrongly, my mind is automatically whisking me off to that very wonderful tv series, ‘Housewives of Texas’ where it’s al about the bling, the big hair and the boobs!

I’m so sorry – I have totally generalized here, and I know it won’t be like that, or at least it might be in some parts, but I’m sure not the parts we’ll grace with our presence for the five days!

Actually, Austin is a university town and as it happens, I believe the week we arrive is the very same week where the students break up.


No I take you over to that other show (the best show EVER I might add)….Friends! Remember the ‘spring break’ episode! Yes, That!

But, I’m sure we won’t be donning our bikini’s and going to endless pool parties either. (Though actually I do believe there is something like this on the agenda!).

We have rented out a house for the week and will be staying with my father in law, my brother and sister in law, and my nephew.

Which nicely brings me around to the next thing I’m looking forward to this year.

Meeting My New Nephew

It’s hard when people live across continents. Yes, you can skype and message and chat as often as you wish really, but it really isn’t the same as talking in person.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be finally meeting my little nephew, Jackson. As I suggested, I have seen endless clips of him, photos, have regular progress updates and proudly show him off to my own friends here in the UK, but absolutely cannot wait to actually hold him!

I want to give him a big squeeze and a cuddle and shower him in kisses. As do my daughters! They too want to meet the only little boy in the family. Though of course they’ll probably just try and smother him a little too much with their affections so I will be on hand to whisk him right away again.



Plus, in addition to meeting him in person and finally having that long overdue and much longed for cuddle, I can finally congratulate a very clever mummy and daddy on producing such a beautiful little blue bundle.

We miss our family. And it really will be lovely to see them soon.

Our Summer Holiday

Next up is the main holiday we are taking this year.

A true summer holiday this time too as it will be the first one we take actually in the school holidays! This is something I didn’t actually look forward to – as the prices are obviously hiked right up, but hey, it’s something to look forward to never the less.

We’re off to the Sani Beach Resort in Halkidiki, mainland Greece, for two whole wonderful weeks of what I’m keeping my fingers crossed for will be lots of fun, sun and relaxation,

For as long as I remember I’ve wanted to go to this particular resort as I’ve heard so many fabulous things about it and the brochure and online pictures just look heavenly!

We’re travelling once again with another family (the same as came to Centerparcs) which will be brilliant as the children will be able to play together nicely, perhaps even giving us five minutes to talk amongst ourselves about some very intellectual adult topics of course!

Supposedly the children’s activities and provisions such as the baby sitting are second to none, which we really hope to take advantage of. Though I suppose, we will be peak season, so we will probably have to get in quickly and book!

Actually – if any of you have visited here in the past – I would love to hear of any hints, tips and suggestions for making our holiday even more memorable, to ensure we don’t miss all the good stuff out of pure lack of knowledge and naivety!

My 40th

Hmmm! This one is both good and bad in my book! Yay for the party etc but I’m really not looking forward to hitting the big 4-0!

I know, I know, it’s only a number, but (I’m afraid to say), I remember looking up at adults as a child thinking ‘ooh you’re old’ and they were all in their forties!

I’m going to be one of them! My children are going to think I’m ancient! Argghhh! *sobbing*

Untitled design-27

No, I’m kidding, but being the eldest of our group of girlfriends, it just feels odd. It feels as though I should be a grown up, yet I certainly don’t feel like one.

But, on the other hand, I absolutely adore some of the bloggers out there, particularly the fashion and lifestyle bloggers who go all out to embrace being in their forties. So, I am choosing to follow their lead and embrace it alongside them!

I’m not going down easily!

Which is why I’m most likely going to have a ‘bit of a do’ (see…I can remember that TV show from all those years back!).

We are still to get it all organized but I hope it will be an occasion where I can relax, have fun and see my forties in with grace and style together with my friends and family.

Ok, so maybe less grace and style depending on the ‘do’, but we will see.

Perhaps another sneaky little trip away

I’ve been forever hinting these past few years, that I would absolutely love to be whisked away for a little romantic getaway for two to celebrate my birthday also. I do think my lovely husband has been looking into this and investigating various options, but I suppose it’s all in the surprise, so I really wont’ know for sure until nearer to the time if we’re going to be going away anywhere at all.

Bu you never know – perhaps we’ll get the chance to pop off to some romantic city or another.

Untitled design-28

Or perhaps I’ll just keep on at poor Mikey to sweep me away to another wonderful safari break, which is my perfect getaway!


It’s always a little tricky with having little children, as babysitting becomes paramount in any planning, but of course money and funds will need to be thrown into the mix as well. We are going on a slightly more expensive summer holiday, so perhaps I should just be happy with that.

The house renovations

As I’m sure you’re all now rather bored of hearing – we are updating the downstairs of our house this year.

It’s something that’s been on our ‘to do’ list for some years now, but something we’ve also had to save up for.

As my darling husband always says – money doesn’t grow on trees’ Although I really wish it did!

Untitled design-29

This picture is rather similar to what we have in mind!

We are still in the very first stages of the process, and with good builders in short supply, we now don’t think work will actually be able to begin until July this year. Having first been quoted for March I am more than a little gutted, but as long I suppose as it’s in for Christmas, where I can host a fab festive lunch, I’m sure I won’t mind too much.

After all, we keep changing our minds and therefore plans anyway, so a little more time is probably best.

Perhaps a Christmas at ours

As I’ve just eluded to, I am desperate to host a Christmas. I’ve never done so before and I think, in my fortieth year, it’s high time I did! Don’t you agree!

And, with a fab new kitchen/diner, we will have the space to fit everyone in.

I know that Christmas has literally only just happened, but I really am looking forward to having a beautifully decorated tree with my family and friends all milling around it with champagne in their hands, with readily available nibbles and canapés on the new kitchen island.


But first I suppose I’d better learn how to cook a roast!

Shhhh! Please don’t judge me! I know I’m awful!

Cleaner Living – my home, my health and therefore I hope, my mind

I’ve already started out the year with a bit of a new look on life.

Perhaps it’s because we lost someone dear to us last year who’s attitude was always to give it a go, never give up and just get on with it, and perhaps it is that by turning 40 at the end of the year, I’m finally trying to do something about my health and image.

Who know, but whatever it is, I do seem to have a bit of a different mindset to that of last year, and already I seem to be far more ‘in the zone’ with regards to willpower.

Having the lovely holidays is plenty of motivation to get fit I suppose. It would be nice to feel confident whilst playing with my children in the swimming pools rather than sprinting as I can from lounger to pool in the hope that no-one notices, or by covering up with sacks!

Also, thinking about cleaner living, the kitchen revamp is my incentive to fully de-clutter the house too. We have so much which has been stored up over the years, yes mainly my fault as I really can’t seem to throw away anything (especially if it has a face!), but with the added need to physically have less in the house, this might just be the push I have needed for so long!

So by having a healthy body and eating regime, and by living in a clean and uncluttered house, from here I am absolutely sure that my mind will follow suit.

How about you. What does 2016 hold in store for you?

love steph


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  1. 24th January 2016 / 11:39 pm

    Great post! Looks like you have lots to look forward to. It’s a really good idea to write it out like that as you really do have lots of exciting things ahead this year. We are going to Center Parcs very soon, which I can’t wait for! Also we are getting married and have a honeymoon booked with kids and one without! Phew! Need to write all of this down. Thanks for the idea and have a great year!! 🙂

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