4 Easy Spring Colour-Pop Outfits

4 Easy Spring colour Pop Outfits

Yay. It’s officially Spring folks!

A big woo-hoo to that!

If you’re anything like me though – you’re still walking around with your big woolly jumpers and padded coats which could pretty much double up as duvet covers or sleeping bags!

Planning my daily wardrobe is becoming a little bit on the tricky side. And to be honest – I’m rather bored and very much ‘over’ my usual, browns, blacks and greys which have become my staple items over these past months.

To me, Spring brings with it, an air of excitement and a promise of brighter and warmer days.  As the flowers bloom and the trees blossom, the bursts of colour make me feel happy and alive. But instead of just looking at such vibrancy in my surroundings, I want to embrace a bit of colour in my new Spring wardrobe too.

But of course, Spring in the UK is a bit on the unpredictable side and its a bit of an ‘in-between’ type of season. One minute the wind is blowing and the chill snaps and bites at your ears, but the next minute, the sun has poked its head out from behind the clouds, and the warmth filters through and you suddenly find yourself pulling frantically to loosen your scarf or unbutton your coat as fast as you can, with your hands becoming hot and clammy!

It’s a season where you need to ready yourself for all eventualities.

But that’s not to say we need to cover up in lots of dark, heavy layers and coats.

Instead, let’s try and brighten up our days a little with a touch of colour. Let’s ditch (or at least set to one side – I for one could never totally get rid of my staple blacks and greys – I just fancy a change up!) our bland wintry wardrobe items and add in a few lighter, brighter layers.

Lightweight tees, sweaters, jackets and coats can become your new ‘go-to’ pieces.

Layered up with a scarf to keep you cosy in the wilder weather, but all the while giving you the versatility to be able to strip off a layer or two if, and when the days become warmer.

Also hugely important though, is our need to be comfortable.

Our lives as busy professionals and hectic mums are tough enough, without us fretting about how to look half decent in outfits which aren’t fit for the everyday chaos and mayhem of our busy schedules.

So, with this, I’ve put together just a few easy ‘casual-cool’ outfits, all of which have an added pop of colour to brighten up our days just that little bit more.

What will you be wearing this Spring?


Dress – H&M | Jacket – Topshop | Scarf – J Crew | Trainers – Hush

 Bag – Accessorize

Spring outfit


Necklace – J Crew | Jumper – Hush | Jeans – Joules | Shoes – H&M

Bag – Oliver Bonas


Untitled design-52

Plimsols – Mint Velvet | Coat – H&M | Jeans – Mint Velvet

Necklace – Oliver Bonas  |  Tee – H&M  |  Bag – Joules


Jeans – Hush  |  Sweater – Boden  |  Pumps – J Crew  |  Coat – H&M

And just to whet your appetite that little bit more, why not check out my Pinterest board too….

spring colour pop outfits

love steph



  1. 25th April 2017 / 3:15 pm

    I love these outfits, and I love spring fashion! Thank you so much for sharing this spring inspiration!

  2. 4th May 2016 / 6:13 pm

    I adore all of the outfits but you have also reminded me I need some new white pumps!! Hurrah for warmer weather!! x

  3. 10th April 2016 / 10:17 pm

    I like all four outfits – perfect for spring. The yellow bag would look lovely on my shoulder.

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