A Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide

A Last minuteMother's Day

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, I suppose much like me, here’s your friendly reminder that this Sunday is Mother’s Day.

You’d more than likely have guessed though by the sheer amount of beautiful flower displays and the row upon row of toiletries, gift sets, candles and scents, because as ever, the shops have gone all out and haven’t disappointed

Which is good news for us, as we have such a wealth of beautiful things to choose from.

So what’s it all for?

Well, pretty much to say a massive, huge, big, gigantic, enormous thank you to our lovely mums out there who have looked after us for oh so many years.

For me it’s a token gift to say thank you for putting up with my many tempers and tantrums, for helping me through my break-ups, for being the lenient one when it came to any discipline in my younger years, for not judging my poorly thought through decisions, for helping me through the tougher times and well, generally, for just being there.

Always. And unconditonally.

I know, I know, we shouldn’t have only the one dedicated day on which we are to thank our lovely mums, of course not, as this should obviously be a continual thing throughout every day of the year, but it does make us sit back and really think for a moment, and realise just how wonderful they are and how lucky we are to have them – or indeed to have had them – in our lives.

And of course, if nothing else, it’s the perfect excuse for giving (or receiving!) pressies!


As a mummy myself, I for one plan to do as little as I can possibly get away with on Sunday.  Though the chance would probably be a fine thing.

Perhaps I’ll sit in bed reading with a piping hot cup of tea for a little bit longer than is usual, and maybe, just maybe, I won’t have two overly excitable little girls jumping on the bed alongside me, trying to make dens.

You never know, I might even get breakfast in bed! How nice would that be?

Or maybe I’ll go for a lovely long stroll with my little family, and perhaps take my camera too, just to capture those moments which make me a mummy after all.

How are you planning on spending your day?

Untitled design-44

So for those of you who have not quite managed that visit to the local store just yet, here’s a few ideas for that special ‘thank you’.

A fabulously fun Mug which can be personalised, ready for all those cups of tea and coffee.

The most divine smelling Scent Diffuser – perfect for closing your eyes, and dreaming that you’re on a beautiful desert island somewhere.

A perfectly pretty, yet oh so simple Necklace – I adore the intertwined different sized rings – such a beautiful sentiment.

A stunning bouquet of Flowers – the ‘go to’ of all Mother’s Day gifts, so of course it had to be featured!

Or perhaps a pretty Scarf – the perfect accessory which is both practical and of course functional too.

Which would team up wonderfully with this stylish Shopper , which is just the right thing for brightening up some of the more miserable days at the moment, and it would look fabulous, teamed with any outfit as spring really does start to appear.

Or how about another tried and tested, sure fire ‘win’ for any lovely ‘mums’ out there – a beautiful toiletries Gift Set – to sooth away and worries and stresses, and to truly pamper yourselves at home.

I do hope these little gift ideas have helped inspire you.

And I wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday.


love steph



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