Cox & Cox – Spring Picks


Oh my gosh.

This morning, alongside the usual sound of a flurry of letters as they scattered out from the little gold letterbox, was a deeper thudding sound as something much larger landed in our hallway.

Which could obviously mean only one thing.

A catalogue!

Yay! One of my most favourite things!

As I hurried down the stairs, I could see a lovely little Cox & Cox number, laying neatly atop my bristled doormat.

Excitedly I grabbed it and ran to sit down and flick immediately through the crisp, pristine pages, where I just knew I’d was bound to lust after a good few of the sparkly new items.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve absolutely loved catalogues. All catalogues I think. Does that make me a bit odd?

I think though that perhaps it’s due to my absolute love of all things ‘shopping’.

I mean, I think I spent a good hour or more in the home department of our rather small Sainsburys store alone the other day – just staring at all the pretty items because I had no money to buy them! But I was happy with my pastime.

I think I’m at my happiest when I’m shopping.

In any form.

In stores, online or from catalogues and look books.

Not On The High Street, Etsy and Amazon can pretty much take up entire days!

No sooner though, does a catalogue arrive, do my little eyes light up, a butterflies feeling starts stirring from inside my tummy and I feel immediately excited at the prospect of circling everything I want.

Oh yes. Out comes the Bic biro or the big black felt tip, all ready to mark or ring the items on my brand new wish list. (Yes, lists are another one of my ‘things’).

But, this time, as I searched through the pages of the beautiful Cox & Cox booklet, I realised there was a problem.

A pretty big one.

I was beginning to seriously deface the lovely new brochure!

Honestly, it looked as if someone had been let loose with a graffiti spray can, or perhaps that my two year old had got to it first.

I was circling absolutely everything!

Seriously. I want, no I NEED, everything in the entire book!

But ok, I realise that’s a little tricky. Mainly due to the fact that we can’t afford absolutely everything, but also I suppose because because we don’t have a house big enough for all of it to fit into!

So instead, I’ve reigned myself in a little bit and have tried my hardest to go back through the book, (with a different colour pen), and have marked my absolute favourites!

Which obviously I just had to share some of these today with you too…..

Seriously – this is just the tip of the iceberg! I’m off to ask my manager for a raise!

Happy shopping!

love steph

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