So much to do… So little time!

As with every mother and father out there, I have a mile long ‘to-do’ list with umpteen things to do, people to see, places to go, etc all that should supposedly fit into a single weekend of two days!

I just don’t know how we manage it!

Plus, when added to all the normal tantrums, general faffing, quarrels, loo stops etc of our two wonderful (*cough* yeah right! *cough*) little girls, you can probably take off another good hour or two on the top of that.

So here is what I’ve got to cram into this weekend/week…….

1. Dance Class

Every Saturday morning is H’s dance class. Though as I think I’ve said it before, I like to call it ‘prance class’. I mean, there’s music playing but there’s not much rhythm in her dance moves yet!!

She loves it though and she gets to spend the time with her best friend, running around a big hall, playing around to music and generally being young and carefree.


2. Shopping trip to Ikea!

Yep, I need to get organised, and thanks to lovely Jess over at Mummy of Boy Girl Twins who keeps taunting me with her fabulous Ikea storage units in some of her blog post piccies, I’m desperate to copy her and do the same.

So much so that I could almost scream and scream and scream until I get them!!!!

3. Blue Peter fun with friends

A few of us are hopefully going to get together on Sunday to get crafty. Not sure what we’re going to make yet, but with Mr B and I at work every day, it will be fab to have some scheduled in ‘fun time’ for our little girls on a regular basis. So we’re thinking each Sunday will turn into Craft mornings with the mummies and swimming in the afternoon with the daddies. We may even make Halloween decorations for the party were going to next weekend, which will be brilliant. Perhaps we can carve out some pumpkins and make Jack-o-Lanterns to decorate.  If we do – I’ll let you see the outcome!!

4. More Christmas Shopping!!!

I know, I know, I’ve already bought loads, but it’s christmas,I love it and I don’t care who knows it!!!

And actually, to me, half the fun is watching the kids tear frantically into the wrapping paper. So, I plan to just go get a few more stocking fillers now. Then I’ll pretty much be done.

Promise *fingers crossed behind back and smirk plastered across face*

*pats herself on the back smugly*

5. Watch x-factor!

Goes without saying, right!?

Although I must admit I’ve not really tuned in as much this year. Instead I think I’ve favoured an early night or a takeaway with a movie!! Oh no! I hope I’m not getting too old to enjoy it!

6. Exchange birthday present

No. I’m not Rachel from Friends – I don’t ask for gift receipts with all pressies I’m given just so that I can swap them for something to my own taste. No.

Mr B rather romantically (I thought) bought me a lovely Pandora ring for my birthday recently and it’s just a tiny bit too big for my fingers. (They must be the only skinny part of my body!!) So I just need to pop and swap it for the correct size. Happy days!!

7. Pay for new holiday

Yep, we’ve gone and done it. After MUCH ‘um-ing and ah-ing’ we’ve finally booked our flights to South Africa in March!! Woohoo!

It’s very expensive but we were a bit stuck between a rock and a hard place in making the decision. Basically my brother and sister in law moved out there this year, and they are desperate for us to visit them. So, in the knowledge that come the end of March Little E will turn 2, therefore becoming a ‘whole airline seat’, we sort of had to grab a flight before this happened, as once she gets older there’s absolutely no way we’d be able to afford to go.

So yes, although its very expensive – but it’s something huge and exciting for us, the kids and our family overseas to look forward to.

8. Write more blog posts

I’ve been very slack lately – so I’m going to get on it!!! Enough said! *slaps own wrist* Rahhhhh!!!

9. Get prepared for work on Monday


Having been signed off from work for the last three weeks, it’s time to go back again on Monday. I’m actually pretty ok with this, but will obviously miss my lie-ins, my mid-afternoon naps, and the fact I can do housework at my own pace rather than have to blitz it all in one go at the weekends.

I would dearly love to stay home and just look after my brood and my household, but fingers crossed one day this will turn from dream to reality.

10. Gardening with Grandma

Good old Grandma (sorry Grandma if you’re reading this!!)

She is coming over to help out in the garden. She is not your average Grandma in that she is a bit of a machine really! There is nothing she can’t do!!! And one of her passions is gardening. So she’s helping us sort ours out a bit which is fab.  I will have to post some before and after piccies of her AMAZING efforts so far.

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  1. 30th October 2014 / 11:44 am

    I think I must be in denial – I know I have lots to do but if I saw it written out like that I’d struggle to get out of bed!! Maybe this is why you’re getting a lot more done thaan me 😉 Christmas shopping? Already?! Haha!

    Hxxx thanks for linking up to #thelist xxx

  2. 26th October 2014 / 6:06 am

    Busy weekend for you can’t wait to see your Halloween decorations! X

    • 29th October 2014 / 11:23 am

      Thanks Amy – though I failed miserably on a few of the tasks due to illness!! Ugh! Had to buy some decorations instead!! Totally cheated!! xx

  3. 24th October 2014 / 7:29 pm

    Ha ha – flowery storage boxes, AND holds all the toys, AND cheap…?? What’s not to love?!!!! xxx

    • 29th October 2014 / 12:14 pm

      I know right!! But we didn’t make it so I will have to put my foot down this weekend instead. Dining room still looks like a dumping ground!! x

  4. 24th October 2014 / 4:49 pm

    Tired reading your list. SOOOO exciting about the flights. Really really excited for you all. xxx

    • 29th October 2014 / 12:16 pm

      Thank you lovely!! We are very excited too. Very expensive and extravagant, but the only way we’ll be able to afford it. At least its something FAB i’ve got to look forward to now though! Other than the pictures of spiders and snakes my sis-in-law keeps sending me!! Not too keen on those!! xxx

  5. 24th October 2014 / 1:57 pm

    I’m tired just reading your list…and that’s before I even contemplate my own!!
    Very jealous you are so ahead with Xmas shopping, usually I would be right there with you but this year I have my husband’s 40th celebrations to contend with first and I have become totally sidetracked! I’m go to pay for it in a few weeks time!
    South Africa sounds amazing, please do a whole series of posts on it so we can all see what it was like! I sympathise with the whole extra airline seat situation. Our youngest has just turned two and it cost us a fortune just in flights to visit my parents!!! Wouldn’t be so bad if she had actually sat in the seat for more than two seconds!
    Great post, enjoy your weekend!

    • 29th October 2014 / 12:22 pm

      Ooh – how exciting though! What have you got planned for the 40th Birthday bash?? I love parties!!
      And OMG – I totally see what you mean about the airline seats too – we’ve paid good money for those and they don’t even want to stay in them!! Arggghhh!

      Sorry to have knackered you out ;0) xxxxx

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