A bright addition to our kitchen table

If you’ve read a previous post of mine, you will know how much it meant to me to finally get the appropriate use from our little kitchen table, having had it bumped up against the back kitchen wall for such a long time, and pretty much using it as a general dumping ground for anything we hadn‘t quite got round to finding homes for. As such, you can probably imagine my excitement that we are finally creating our perfect new family living space, where we hope to have countless family meals, to hold social occasions for friends and maybe even… View Post

Our Kitchen Remodel – Week One Update

So, it’s now been a very long and I suppose in some cases, a slightly disappointing 8 weeks since work started on our kitchen and dining room remodel, to merge the two areas together to create a larger, and more usable family and social space. I kind of took a bit of a blogging break of the summer holidays, but as promised beforehand, I really want to let you see how far we’ve progressed with the building and remodelling on our house, and perhaps also share with you any learnings, hints and tips we’ve picked up along the way. And trust… View Post

My Kitchen Lighting Inspiration

To me, lighting is key, and can make or break the successful scheming of a room. We are now well into our kitchen build and without the hope of jinxing anything, pretty nearly out the other side too. It’s been a bit of a long winded process, and there have certainly been some ups and downs, but I’ll speak more about those in another post. With a project of this scale, we’ve had to consider so many ideas and schemes, wishes and wants, but one component which has always been important to me is lighting. I’m afraid I’m one of those people who gets pretty… View Post

Contemporary Styling for a New Kitchen/Diner

One part of being fortunate enough to have a new kitchen/diner is kitting it out with beautiful new items of furniture. I only mentioned to my husband earlier today, that we’ve actually never been in a situation where we’ve had the money to afford to furnish a whole room with new pieces all at once. When we moved in to our beloved 1930’s house back in 2008, although the space was fantastic, and although we knew it would probably be either a forever house or at least one which served us a good fifteen to twenty years, we had absolutely no… View Post

So why have we decided to have a new kitchen? … A tour of our current kitchen!

So then, it’s been rather a while since I last posted a kitchen update, though to be honest it’s rather a while since I posted at all after a bit of an impromptu break! Oops! Anyway, as I let you know in my last post, we finally booked our lovely new kitchen and are now just counting down the day until the work (and general mess and mayhem I’m told) begins. And the days are going by pretty darned quickly! The work is due to start at the end of July, which is only one month away now, and which… View Post

Make Time for the Great Outdoors with the Butterkist #GetCoated Campaign

So last weekend, despite a rather spotty little Ella, we hopped into the car and drove down to a local (ish) forest for a fabulously fun day out in the fresh country air. And as anyone knows, I do love a good day out. I love how there is such a wealth of exciting and incredible places for us and our families to go and explore in this little country of ours, such a vast variety of activities available to try and experience and how there really is something to suit each and everyone one us, no matter what our tastes and… View Post

a few of my favourite things… May

Well firstly, I can’t put into words how happy I am to actually be hitting publish on this simple little post, as it really does seem such a long time ago that I posted my last blog update. We’re nearly half way through June and my last post was the end of May! Oops! The thing is, I’ve found myself in a kind of blogging slump over the past month. Not entirely sure why or what may have changed, perhaps it’s been the humid weather making me feel all lethargic and lazy, or perhaps the lure of the glorious sun has been… View Post

The Most Versatile Style EVER….. Confidence!

Yep, It really is as easy as that. Or maybe less so for some people. As I can very well understand. But I’m serious, there really is nothing more attractive than confidence. And I’m not saying it just makes you attractive in a sexual way either. Yes, of course you’ll be more attractive to potential suiters, but more than that, you’ll be admired by your friends, your family, onlookers, contemporaries and peers too. People will look up to you, they’ll respect you, admire you and sometimes even want to be you!  If you give off an air of confidence, people will flock… View Post

We’ve finally booked our new kitchen!

Yes, we’ve finally done it. We’ve booked and paid the deposit for the kitchen of our dreams, which personally I’ve been lusting after probably since the age of two. And I can’t tell you how excited I am. Actually, I’m beyond excited. The last time I provided you with a kitchen update, I must admit, I was feeling pretty darned deflated. To be honest it was a little reminiscent of the whole house buying and selling process, which nearly tipped me over the edge I must say! One moment I was up and all excited and whatnot, but the next I was… View Post

My Sunday Photo | Ice Lolly Season

Two little girls as they sit down contentedly in the warm heat of the glorious Spring sunshine, merrily eating up their yummy ice lollies, which are of course, just what the doctor ordered after a long and hard day at school and at nursery!