To share, or not to share?

That REALLY is the question!

Well, it’s most definitely been a question myself and my husband have toyed with and mulled over for the last year or so.

We have a lovely four bedroom house, so obviously there is room for both girls to have their own bedrooms, but we do occasionally have guests to stay, so it would be nice to have the guest room remain.  Also, in an ideal world I would love to have a study, somewhere to call my Blog HQ and somewhere to keep all my thoughts, ideas, notes etc in one tidy space.

This being said, the most obvious option is therefore to put the two girls into the same room.

We’re both in two minds though.

I can see pro’s and con’s for each, and obviously want whats ultimately best for the girls.

So I’ve put together a little list to help me decide….


  • The big obvious one is that it saves space. It gives me the extra room I’d like for my study and we get to keep the guest room too.
  • It will be fun for them – I can imagine them messing around in there and getting up to no good.
  • It will be novel and exciting!
  • They will have each other for company, so I think they’ll be less scared at night time and therefore less inclined to hop out of bed in search of our room!
  • We could try and use it as an opportunity to confine all toys and kid things to one room! (OK – I might be overestimating this now!)
  • It’s sort of a rite of passage for kids.  My sister and I both shared a room when we were little and it was fantastic!
  • It doesn’t have to be forever! As in the end they will each require their own space, but this will give us enough time to decide whether to do a loft conversion for extra space or whether we want to move.


  • They might hate it!
  • We would need to fit in all their furniture and clothes into the one room
  • It can’t last forever!
  • They might fight like cat and dog
  • They might never go to sleep as they’ll be up giggling all night (ok – so this is fun too, so I’ll give a ‘pro’ status too!)
  • Space in the room will be smaller

So you see, we’re a little undecided. But as I suppose I said above, it really doesn’t have to be forever. If we did it only for one year it would be a step in the right direction and would certainly solve a few of the space problems in the interim.

The next thing to consider would then be the type of beds we bought.

There are plenty of possibilities out there but each pose their difficulties.

Twin Beds

The reason we are considering twin beds, is that they will, with no doubt be the most ‘transferable’ option. As the children grow up and get older, and want their freedom and space again, these beds will easily be moved into separate bedrooms.  So then if we bought these, we’d save money in the long run as wouldn’t have to buy beds again.

The thing is, tho is the option which takes up the most available floor space, leaving hardly any room for other large furniture items, let alone trying to fit in toys as well!!

Bunk Beds

I love the idea of bunk beds because they’re good fun!  And of course, they would be the best ‘space saving’ solution.

But, although I can see them as fun, there’s that rather well known song that springs to mind too.

“There may be trouble ahead!”

I can see fights and bickers as to who has the top bunk, though we’d obviously give this to Holly as she’s the eldest and is far more capable of climbing the ladder. Which leads me perfectly on to my next point. Our little Ella is a bit of dare-devil, and as you may well know has broken her leg now, twice in the space of four months!  I’m really not sure that putting temptation in her way would be the best idea! As even if she does have the bottom bunk, she’s bound to go up and ‘visit’ big sister, and no doubt they’ll still try to use it as a trampoline! I really don’t need break number three!

Also, some bunk bed designs seem to have better steps options than others. I am really not a fan of the straight up and down ladder, only because my two are still young, so I’d feel much more at ease with the chunkier ones, which are slanted or the ones with actual steps!

Love, love, love the ones with drawers inside each step, but these are a bit more expensive.

But again, if the step are slanted out into the room, this may encroach onto the floor space also!

Bunk Beds (convertible)

Now here we have the best of both worlds! A bunk bed which can be split up into two separate beds!

This could be a fantastic solution as for while we want the space, we want them to experience sharing a room together, we want it to be fun, they can share the bunks, bt once it’s time to move into their owns rooms – we just split them up!

Fab huh!

Then just the normal row of who sleeps on the top!

I suppose the down side to this one would be the lack of storage space which comes with it. But those under bed storage boxes are fab for keeping little bits neat and tidy.

I rather like this option!

Cabin Beds

I really like these. I think they’re fun, they look safe, they appear sturdy and they come with a whole range of storage options and solutions.

The only thing is, with this, they’re obviously a bit bulkier if you have two in one room! But on the plus side, they could easily (well I think so!) be moved too.

I really like the shorter and stumpier steps, which makes me instantly feel this is a safer option, plus, there’s not the distance of the full on bunk beds to fall if a disaster was to happen.  Have you met my girls? Ella has two breaks on the same leg in the space of four months, and Holly is returning home daily with new plasters, gauze strips dotted all over her body!)

I also love the fact that I hide so many of the girls toys in something like this! Or incorporate the chest of drawers etc.  Lots of options! Yay!

High/Mid rise beds

Again I like these. But probably more from the point of them being so much fun!

I would expect we would have one of these with a standard single bed in the one room, but because one was so much higher off the ground, it might give the illusion that less space is actually taken up.

I love that the kids could have play tents and dens, though how long the novelty would last for before it became a dumping ground with curtains we’d never know!

I think the extra day bed option would be fabulous for if they had friends over to stay, and the desk option would be brilliant for when they grow up a little more and the homework’s starts flooding in!

Or, perhaps we just push the boundries a little bit and go all out with one of these…..!


Bed available at

bunk beds

London Bus      Princess Carriage –     Pink bed with slide –                         Knight bed with slide –


So there we have it, the run down that my head has been mulling over, and over for the past few months.

We’re still unsure if we’re doing the right thing, but I think after all of this, we will go ahead and let the girls have some fun in the same room for sure.

After all, they do say that it’s good to share!

We’d better lead by example!

Wish us luck!

Do your children share a room?  What type of bed setup do you have?

love steph














  1. 17th October 2015 / 8:37 pm

    I love the idea of the bunk bed, but I think my kids would fall off the ladder when going to the toilet at night. I really like the tree house one. 🙂 @SundaysStars

  2. 15th October 2015 / 8:49 am

    I love the idea of two little girls sharing a room. It is so lovely. But I understand that it has its pros and cons. But you get to have an office…how cool would that be?! I think the idea of convertible bunk beds sounds genius (then you get the best of both worlds). But It do adore that tree house bed from Castles and Rascals. Maybe, I could convince Mr H to let me have that as our bed. It may be cosy but damn is it cool! Thanks for being my #SundaysStars co-host. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  3. 13th October 2015 / 7:36 pm

    Great ideas about space for sharing. O bet it be wonderful to have some of your own space X

  4. 12th October 2015 / 9:20 pm

    We had the same dilemma two years ago with our (then) 5 year old and 2 year old girls. It has worked perfectly in so many ways until recently when the now almost 8 year old has been asking to have her own room almost every night 🙁 We may have to rework sleeping arrangements post-Christmas! Good luck! #sundaystars

  5. 11th October 2015 / 10:24 pm

    What a fantastic post and I love love all the different beds! My fear of bunk beds here is one of our kids sleep walks and the other one gets up to wee in the night. Who should go on the top one?? My favourite one in your post is the tree house / bird box 🙂

  6. 11th October 2015 / 10:21 pm

    Love this post Steph and al your bed ideas – I especially like the cabin beds and have been wondering whether to get one for Sam’s room. I think you should go for it with the room sharing, how about the bunks which separate, then you have the best of both as you say! xx

  7. 11th October 2015 / 8:29 pm

    I love those cabin beds, they look so much fun! I’m not sure fun good is good for your children, but I’d have loved one of those when I was little. #sundaystars

  8. 11th October 2015 / 3:17 pm

    I think we may be consydering this in a few years. I love the look of all these beds – who knew there were so many to choose from! #sundaystars xx

  9. 11th October 2015 / 2:32 pm

    Having same thoughts. We have 3 bedrooms & 2 kids. Planned for them to be in own rooms, but now wondering if should sleep them together, leaving eldest’s wardrobes & toys in other room so it can be a play room but still give us a guest room space when needed. I’ve always loved cabin beds – great use of space. #sundaystars

  10. 11th October 2015 / 9:14 am

    We have switched between sharing and not sharing so many times! I think every child has had their own room at one point and pretty much shared with every other sister too! At one point they all decided to share the same room!! My advice would be go for something adaptable, you never know when you might change your mind!!

  11. 11th October 2015 / 8:41 am

    decisions, decisions. I shared with my sister for a while but i did love getting my own space as a teen. maybe you should give it a go? #sundaystars

  12. 11th October 2015 / 8:21 am

    Love love love the treehouse bed! Our girls don’t share and although I would like them to have the experience I don’t think i can cope with the late nights and early starts we inevitably experience when they are in a room together. Maybe when they are a bit older.

    No wonder you are in two minds though, so many beds to chose from! #sundaystars

  13. 11th October 2015 / 7:27 am

    This is a decision we’ll have to make in a little while. Like you, we have a younger daredevil (although, two breaks in four months? Eeek – not had that yet but I live in constant fear!) so bunk beds are problematic. I have seen great ones designed for younger kids where the bottom bunk is practically on the floor so the top doesn’t need to be as high and the top bunk is reachable by steps with a gate at the bottom. Good luck deciding!


  14. 11th October 2015 / 7:01 am

    Definitely one worth thinking through very well! My girls are 7 and 9 and have gone through seasons of sharing and having their own space. Although they have their own rooms now, they shared when I became a single mum and it was a necessity – on the whole they were great. It all comes down to their character and how they interact with each other? Mine are at the age where there is much squabbling, hence the time for their own space at the moment! You could always prepare a room for them to share and just pause with your study – see how it goes and if it’s not right then you can always go back to how you were with the bonus of a n extra bed in one room? In an ideal world where siblings didn’t distract each other or argue, sharing is the perfect option x

  15. 11th October 2015 / 6:18 am

    I think I would come to the same decision as you! Or at least try it for a little while to see how it goes, but I bet the girls will love it! #sundaystars

  16. 2nd October 2015 / 7:16 am

    Some stunning ideas here Steph. My twins share but Lily has her own room, I don;t think they would ever sleep at all if they all shared but you never know!

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