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As you’re now well aware, my beloved and much longed for office plans have well and truly begun.

I’ve recently shared some of the types of office spaces I love, so now it’s my turn to create a space just for me.

Although, I say that, but I think I will have to share.

Our new office needs to be a space for a few things.

It has to be a pretty and beautiful space for me to feel creative in, yet it will also be used by my husband for when he works from home. So I suppose I will have to bear this in mind, and perhaps not decorate it with top to toe pink!

With my day job moving premises in the next year or so too, I hope to be working from home a fair bit more, so the space will also have to be functional for this too, where at the moment I work using three screens at a time!

So for this reason, the desk is the one item which really needs to work in our new space and will need to be of adequate width to have the potential to fit everything in!

So you see it’s a bit of a tricky mix. It needs to be feminine, masculine and functional!

So, having trawled through a few online stores, here are just some of my favourite desk picks. I’m afraid you’ll notice a bit of a theme, as my eye is obviously drawn to a particular style at the moment!!



Here in my home town we have a lovely little John Lewis store, which I’m afraid to say is probably where I spend most of my lunch hours, whiling away the time. and trying my hardest not to buy anything! (I’m not often successful at this).

Last week as I went up the escalators to the first floor, those very clever merchandising display bods had really done their jobs perfectly well, because as the moving staircase took me closer to the first floor, I was totally and utterly smitten with the desk that lay in front of me.

It’s the Ebbe Gehl for John Lewis Mira Desk & Filing Cabinet

The thing is, it might be just a bit of a way out of my price range!

But isn’t it just beautiful! It looks so smooth and elegant!


This lovely Scratch Desk from Loaf is at the moment unfortunately sold out. But I can see why, because it’s just lovely.

I really love the look of trestle desks, they just seem kind of cool. But in all honesty, I don’t know how much they’d work in my small office space.


This Honore White Desk from Heal’s is lovely but again a little on the pricier side.

I think I’ve got a bit of a thing for white and wood at the moment. My eye just seems drawn to these pieces. I love the crisp, clean white when next to to natural wooden tones.

Which is exactly how we’re planning to decorate another rather large area of our house, but more of that to come!


I told you. Wood and white again!!

This Function Plus Writing Desk from Wayfair would go with the scheme perfectly too.  And with pretty good drawer storage space too.


Or how about this pure white trestle option from Ikea

It is actually purchased as two separate pieces, the table top with a choice of legs.

I don’t know about you, but they sort of take me back to my art classes back in school!

I really love the interchangeable options Ikea offers you because it;s so much easier to design something to fully suit your needs and space requirements.

And I suppose with these particular trestle legs, you could at least use them to store box files as they each have their own little shelves.



Ummm. Lovely again! Ummm, yes – it’s wood and white again!

This Stroller Desk from looks sleek and stylish and would fit in seamlessly to any space I think.


Back to Ikea with this Besta Burs desk.

The reason I particularly love this one is it is extremely affordable and extra wide! Certainly providing enough room for a couple of computers perhaps, and lots of desk space for all my notebooks!

Yes, there’s no sign of the natural wood that I love so much right now, but I think I could accessorise it with other items easily. Even wooden ones!

It would make the perfect blank canvas!

What styles of desks are you drawn to?  Do you love the white and wood look as much as I do?

love steph



  1. 14th April 2016 / 9:46 am

    I would love an office space, but I don’t think I’ve got room for one! I’m trying to re-jig things around for when daughter 2 starts nursery in September. I work from home so I do need one!

    I love all of the desks and yes I am very drawn to the white and wood look. The Ebbe Gehl is just lovely. I like trestle desks too, but yes space is an issue.

    As I have a severe lack of space, I’m thinking I may have to go for a bureau type desk, I only really need a space to put my laptop.

    Can’t wait to see the photos of your completed office! xx

  2. 16th March 2016 / 5:55 pm

    I love all of these. My office – recently reclaimed from a ton of junk – has a dark wood floor, and a dark desk from IKEA. But the desk is wobbly! My friend put it up hungover. And the drawer doesn’t open. Sigh. And I’ll hopefully need to be using it soon…maybe I should get another desk!

    • 21st March 2016 / 4:48 pm

      Oh I love that your friend put it together with a hangover. That’s hilarious! But yes, perhaps it’s time for a new one. Hahaha. Xxx

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