Not forgetting the small things #1

It’s confirmed.

My little rugrat is most definitely taking those first steps into toddlerhood!!

Like literally!

Yes, today E took her first steps!

Normally, she just kneels or crawls over to a nearby chair or table to stand up, but from first thing this morning she’s been getting straight up onto her feet!

I say ‘straight up’, although by this I mean, feet placed firmly on the floor, hands next to feet, and bum in the air!

She then almost flung herself into an upright position, by using her arms as momentum, to end up looking like a gymnast in the middle of the living room!

Though this was very short lived, as she’s not yet mastered the art of balance; so no sooner had she stood up, flung her arms in the air and beamed a huge smile at me, that she then collapsed into a little heap of giggles!

She was very proud of herself!

And mummy was very proud of her little girl!!


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