25 little things you never knew about me…..

25 things about meSo, I’m afraid I’m copying a bit here and following in the fabulous footsteps of some of my fave blogging buddies –  Heledd at Running in Lavender, Lucy at Mrs H’s Favourite Things, Amy of Everything Mummy,  Kat of Beau Twins  and Katie of Life on Vista Street, all who’ve recently invited us into their lives just that little bit more and provided us with some little know facts about them.

So yep – I’m joining in now too and jumping on their bandwagon as I think it’s a fab way for you all to get to know the little bits about little ol’ me and the girl behind Diary of a Midlife Mummy.

So here goes……….

1. I’m actually under five feet tall although I like to round myself up a bit to be nearly the same height as other fellow vertically challenged people like Kylie, but according to a certain comical height chart – I am the same height as the average 12 year old schoolboy!!

2. I met my husband in Kefalonia, Greece – though he is not Greek and actually comes from 15 miles just outside of my home town here in Berkshire.

3. I can be found on You Tube singing Kenny The Kangaroo (under duress mind you!)

4. I was accidentally(!) the getaway vehicle in a murder case

5. I don’t have a gall bladder. Sorry – not really sure why you needed to know that – but I think it’s rather common in us ladies who’ve had babies. If this is in fact true – then I was one of them.

6. Apart from all the obvious things like my children, my husband and my family – I love all things interior and garden design, fashion, travel and pretty & sparkly things generally out of my price bracket!!

7. My husband says I’m like Rachel from Friends – as I’m ridiculously hard to buy for. Everything needs a gift receipt. I actually like to think I resemble Rachel in many other ways though – as I love her, and always wanted to be her. And I can watch each and every episode time and time again and would still never get bored of the jokes.8. I have never cooked a roast dinner! *Hiding face behind hands in utter shame*

8. In college I studied Travel, Leisure & Tourism and my first job was a travel agent – I hated it and the girls were all very bitchy. But I can quite happily say I still love the idea of working in Travel or Tourism.

9. I never did University – so instead, as my ‘discovering more about me’ time, I worked four seasons abroad for a sailing and watersports club and spent my days rigging boats, looking after kids in the kids clubs or out and about on yachts.

10. When I’m poorly and led on the sofa feeling all sorry for myself, I like to have Harry Potter films on in the background whilst I doze!!

11. I’m allergic to pretty much all animals, though I love them dearly (even the ugly ones) and have had 3 rabbits, three hamsters, two dogs and a pony in the past. I think we would like to get a dog when the girls are just that little bit older.

12. I am totally scared of clowns, things that walk funny or have extra long arms.  I blame the horror classics of my youth!

13. I used to be a member of the RSPB and The Young Ornithologists!!

14. On our honeymoon – a bat swooped over us and as I looked up it wee’d or poo’d in my eye!! Not sure what I can add to that comment – it wasn’t pleasant, but we laughed!

15. I LOVE a good list! I love writing a list of my lists!

16. I can’t stand needles – and was pretty hopeless throughout my pregnancies.

17. I used to run the 100m sprint race at school – I might be small but I was fast!! But I always faked an asthma attack (I do have asthma) every time it was the 3000m run.19.

18. I love shopping. Love it! Clothes, homewear, accessories – you name it – I want it!

19. I am currently studying photography in evening classes.

20. Love Brussels – hate peas! Unless they’re mushy and covered in Ketchup.

21. I used to work at Highclere Castle – where Downton Abbey is filmed – as a waitress in the tea rooms.

22. I learnt to walk in a pub – a-ha!! That may explain a few things!

23. I had my photo taken (probably hiding somewhere up in the loft) whilse holding the tarantula from the James Bond films. She was called Erica. Though I am pretty much totally scared of spiders!! It took me three days to pluck the courage up to this.

24. Since having kids – I am a massive softy and will cry at anything. Pre-kids it was mainly animal things that upset me the most, but since having the girls – its everything!! You name it I’ll cry at it. I shed a tear at Blogfest recently whislt listening to Charlotte tell her tale of how Write Like Nobody’s Watching came to be, and I remember also being rather upset at the Five Alive advert on TV with the Dodo – purely because he wasn’t alive anymore. My husband and friends rtipped it out of me!

25. For my 40th birthday – I am hinting to Mr B that I want to have a yacht party – what do you think my chances are???

So there we go…. who to pick on next??

How about you Julia at Rainbeaubelle

And anyone else out there who would like to join in to of course!!  The more the merrier!!!!  Get involved!!

Mami 2 Five


  1. 12th December 2014 / 9:05 am

    I am such a softy too – I can get upset at the stupidest things! Hope you get your yacht party 🙂 If I can think of 25 things I might have a go at this 🙂 x

    • 29th December 2014 / 4:32 pm

      Oh you must have a go at a things about you list – it’s so much fun and gives all us nosy bloggers a peek into whats behind the blog! Do it 😉

  2. 8th December 2014 / 9:00 pm

    I’m pretty sure your getaway driver story would make for a good blog post! #sundaystars

    • 29th December 2014 / 4:36 pm

      Hahaha – it was pretty boring really, I was just asked for a lift so I agreed, and on the way back he told me he’d killed someone! Telling my parents I was involved in a court case was NOT fun!!! Oops!! xxxx

  3. 7th December 2014 / 9:15 pm

    I’m also a MASSIVE softy too since having kids. Oh yes we both know that about each other after the round table at Blog Fest! Xxx

  4. 7th December 2014 / 9:14 pm

    I absolutely love this but one thing I must know more about…. The get away driver??? Xxxx

  5. 3rd December 2014 / 9:28 pm

    Great post and I loved your interesting facts!!!
    Very intrigued that you were a get-away driver!!!

  6. 3rd December 2014 / 8:03 pm

    Oh Steph it is my dream to have a yacht party, or even better a yacht holiday! Yes have one and invite me! Haha. Intrigued about the murder case too! Right, I’m on the case with mine now Mrs xx

  7. 3rd December 2014 / 5:48 pm

    err more on the getaway story please??

    • 29th December 2014 / 4:47 pm

      Sorry for the delay!! I was asked for a lift, so I said yes – but on the way back he told me he’d just stabbed someone! Oops!! I obviously never listened to the ‘don’t talk to strangers’ advice as a kid!! xxx

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