My Weekly Photo Roundup | 1st December 14

Weekly Roundup 1st Dec


1. Our fabulous H, all dressed up as Rapunzel for a Superheroes and Princesses Party. And obviously if you’re Rapunzel, you need to practice jumping off a horse!!! How very ladylike!

2. And then, not one to be outdone, Little E decided she wanted in on the action too and proceeded to fling her little self off the top of the horse too!  But with a little bit of Daddy’s help  of course. Though to be honest – she’d have jumped on her own if we’d let her!!

3. This was me playing with my camera while I waited for a friend at the cinema.  We went to see The Nativity 3: Dude, Where’s My Donkey? It was ok – but personally I preferred the first two films to this one, but hey, it’s Christmassy and festive – so I can’t complain too much.


1. Little E has also been rather poorly this week, with a high temperature a cough, cold and sore throat.  She has been feeling very sorry for herself and has been extremely clingy! Poor little thing – I hate to see them when they’re feeling ill. Especially when they can’t tells what’s wrong.

2. This was a very proud mummy moment this week. we received a letter from pre-school to say that H has been chosen to play the part of Mary in the Nativity this Christmas.  I am so thrilled for her.  I once played Mary myself when I was about her age, so like mother like daughter as they say.

3. H in the bath playing with some PROPER toys!!  These My Little Pony’s were actually mine, which I keep reminding her as they are still – sadly – very precious to me! These were my favourite toy when I was little and it’s lovely to have passed them down to my children to play with too.  They love to play in the bath with them and brush and comb their hair.


1. This week it’s been H who’s been playing with my phone camera!! I opened it up to find countless pictures of random things from across the house!!!  This particular shot is of her mermaid!! well part of it anyway!!!

2. Oops!!  Not technically the diet according to Weight Watchers – but it was rather yummy!!!

3. Daddy with H on his shoulders at the turning on of the Christmas lights in our towns market place.  It was a fabulous atmosphere with snow falling from the sky, and everyone feeling happy and full of festive joy – but we didn’t see any of the procession as the crowds were just to many.  Must get there earlier next year.


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