Interiors: Yellow & Grey Living Room

As I’ve previously mentioned, we recently started to update our living room using grey as our back canvas. Since then, to inject a little colour and added interest to the room I’ve opted for tones of yellow in accent accessories and furnishings which have really brightened and…

Loving Right Now! ……… Chevrons ….

Chevrons – also sometimes referred to as ‘zig-zag’ – patterns have been around for a fairly long while now and they don’t seem to be disappearing, but I for one couldn’t be more pleased; because I love them! You name it – they’re there –…


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NEXT Home : Living Room Colour Inspiration in Grey

We’re finally just in the process of updating our living room.  This has been rather a long time in coming as we bought the house about three years ago now, but with a bit of a lack in funds, it’s…

Home Sweet Home

So this week marks our third anniversary of living in our little house, as I was very kindly reminded by the app below….. And what a wonderful three years it has been. We’re living back in the town in which I…

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