Our Bucket List

or my ‘Midlife Mummy’s Must-Do’s’….

You know, I’ve seen a lot of these lists on many different blogs recently, so I’m sorry, but I’m jumping on the bandwagon and creating my very own ‘bucket list’.

What a fantastic idea.

I mean, by blogging I’m writing about all the wonderful things that have and are happening in our lives; but by creating a bucket list, perhaps this is a way to dream up and invent even more memories for my family and I to actually do.

This is my list of what I’d like to do with and for my family.

The places I’d like to visit with them, the memories I’d like to create with them, and the things I’d like to achieve things with them.

Adventures we can go on together.

Ranging rom the sublime to the ridiculous; through from the ‘once in a lifetime’ to the more everyday; the expensive to the totally free of charge and the obvious through to the less so.

Because as the saying goes, which has been quoted only recently by someone truly inspirational,

it’s not the years in our lives that should matter,

……….but the life in our years

So here it is, the Midlife Mummy bucket list…

At the moment it’s a higgeldy-piggeldy work in progress – and I’ll add more things as I think of them;

which is I suppose is the way it should work

to keep it going and evolving, at the same time as we grow and evolve as a family.


To fly kites on a windy day just like in Mary Poppins

Go to Disneyland

Take the girls on a safari

Learn how to use my camera

Learn how to blog properly!!!!!

Take part in an online social photography project

Learn how to bake a sponge cake (yes, I cheat – I am a bad mummy!!)

Hold an Easter Egg hunt for all the kids

Plan and hold a Halloween party for all the kids

Hold a Bug Hunt party

Take photos of the girls in bluebell wood

Roast marshmallows in a campfire

Press flowers

Go sledging on Beacon Hill

Create yearly photo books

Build a tree house

Have a teddy bears picnic

Jump in muddy puddles

Do potato printing

Take a ride in a helicopter

Go on a camping trip

Surprise my husband with a romantic weekend away a camping trip

Visit Buckingham palace

Go to as many musicals as I can

Eat at Heston Blumenthal’s

Book a family Gulet cruise

Take the girls sailing

Go to Longleat every year – I love it!!!!

Holiday in Lapland for Christmas

Stay in an ice hotel

See the northern lights – properly this time!

Learn sugar craft decorating

Visit Tintagel castle again

Create a family tree

Run a 5k – will start small!!

See macaws flying in the wild

Take the girls rock pooling

To take the girls to where mummy and daddy met – Kefalonia

..And to where we worked our summer seasons – Camel Beach, Yahsi, Turkey

Have the girls plant their own flower beds in the garden

Camp under the stars

Wish upon shooting stars

Playing outside in the rain



  1. 16th July 2014 / 7:52 am

    This is brilliant. There are so many things on here that I would love to do. Also, you are a girl after my own heart…I love musicals and try to see as many as I can. Have you seen Once? If not, go! It is not a traditional musical but it is fantastic! Hugs Mrs H xxxx

    • 16th July 2014 / 9:23 am

      Oooh – I’ve never heard of Once! I’m totally gonna look it up! Thanks for the tip! Why don’t you start a bucket list too – it’s quite nice to add bits when you think of cool new things to do with your family. Just got to start crossing them off though now!!! Xxx

  2. 1st July 2014 / 7:13 pm

    Oh what a lovely idea this is! How cute! Am looking forward to hearing about you ticking some of these off! x

    • 1st July 2014 / 8:19 pm

      It’s sweet isn’t it – I think we should all have a little list of things we dream to do!! Not sure how many I’ll be able to tick off but at least I can have a go!! X

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