• Gorgeous Father’s Day Gifts with AMARA Living

    Father’s Day is just around the corner, in fact in only 11 days time now! But don’t panic!!, I’ve found the perfect place to shop where you can grab all your last minute Father’s Day gifts and goodies in just one place! AMARA…

    Our wedding anniversary – Seven years and still smiling

    Ok, I know – so it’s not exactly a milestone anniversary, like the big ten years or anything after that, but it’s special and important none the less. And anyway, it was way back in the wonderful summer of 2002…


    I'm Steph

    A lifestyle blogger with a passion for my family, our home & the travels and adventures we share together.

    On here, you'll generally find me whittling on about my home style, our day trips & travels and the general daily mayhem of raising two little girls! Oh, and obviously anything that's caught my eye in the shops recently, too!



    Our ‘not so’ Secret Santa!!!

    So we’ve all heard of Secret Santa? Right? Oh, so if you’re not so familiar with the concept here is a very brief description of how the game is played…. I suppose it’s usually played within a company among colleagues, or a…

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