• A bright addition to our kitchen table

    If you’ve read a previous post of mine, you will know how much it meant to me to finally get the appropriate use from our little kitchen table, having had it bumped up against the back kitchen wall for such…

    Contemporary Styling for a New Kitchen/Diner

    One part of being fortunate enough to have a new kitchen/diner is kitting it out with beautiful new items of furniture. I only mentioned to my husband earlier today, that we’ve actually never been in a situation where we’ve had…


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    Winter Coats: 9 Stylish Supermarket Steals for Little Girls

    Brrrrrr!! And so it begins! The cold frosty starts, the wispy breathy air as you exhale and the bitter winds biting at your nose! How cold was it these last could of mornings!!?! I think today was the first day since…

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