Contemporary Styling for a New Kitchen/Diner

New kitchen

One part of being fortunate enough to have a new kitchen/diner is kitting it out with beautiful new items of furniture.

I only mentioned to my husband earlier today, that we’ve actually never been in a situation where we’ve had the money to afford to furnish a whole room with new pieces all at once. When we moved in to our beloved 1930’s house back in 2008, although the space was fantastic, and although we knew it would probably be either a forever house or at least one which served us a good fifteen to twenty years, we had absolutely no money left over to update just one whole room, let alone many more!

We spent the only available funds we did have on a couple of necessities such as new beds, a sofa, and maybe a new washing machine, but everything else was brought over from the last house, and ever since we’ve ‘made do’ until funds allowed us to add newer pieces here and there.

But as I said to my husband, this can be so tricky, as once you’ve bought your lovely new sofa, you have to wait weeks, or months, until you can afford to decorate or update the rest of the room, by which time, the fashion has changed, your own personal taste has altered somewhat, and the fab new sofa, is a little less amazing as you once thought it was!

I’ve watched the home improvement shows longingly as they show an entire room overhaul, a dreary before, and a wonderful new after, hoping one day I might get the chance to do just the same.

And this little wish is finally coming true.

So as you can probably guess, this is one of the reasons i’m just so excited (and ok, a little impatient too!) about our new kitchen diner.

It’s the first time ever I’ve been able to flick through brochures or search through Houzz or Pinterest and actually select and even hit ‘purchase’ on all the brand new and sparkly items at once.

So, I thought I’d share my new living space vision with you with this little wish list of the main furniture items on my shopping list!


Untitled design-60

We’re undecided yet as to whether we will have the wall space available to us on which to mount a new television but, if we do need to find an alternative, I think this Media Unit is a pretty good one.

This Corner Sofa is simple and unfussy, which is exactly the style I am after against the white and wood background of the new space.

Again sticking with my chosen white and wood colour scheme, I think these Bar Stools would fit in seamlessly.  I also like that they aren’t that chunky either, which is better for us as the space behind the kitchen island is not exactly generous.

One of the main ideas behind having a very plain and simple kitchen, was to have it as a classic and timeless blank canvas ready to add pops of colour or pattern as and when we fancied a little freshening up.  This beautiful Matalan Dining Set with its white and wood table and trendy yellow chairs, would look wonderful for this very reason.  As I think I’ve already mentioned in previous posts, I’m a bit of a fan of yellow. It’s such a bright and happy colour, and I am sure this would therefore be the perfect addition to our new space. Plus, I really love how it isn’t overly large, so won’t overwhelm a smaller living space.

Again, this Coffee Table is simple, yet elegant, and would fit in perfectly with the scheme. Perhaps though on top of a fabulous patterned new rug!

I adore this Lamp. It’s totally gorgeous and perfectly captures the understated scandinavian style I am so in love with.

And finally, this ‘oh so cute’ little Armchair. Again, with the yellow colour theme, I think it could be a lovely little addition to our new room.

So there you have it. My ideal wish list of the items I’m hoping to spruce up our kitchen with.

Now all I’m waiting on, is for the kitchen to actually finish, so I can start with the fun stuff!!!

love steph


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