My Kitchen Lighting Inspiration

To me, lighting is key, and can make or break the successful scheming of a room. We are now well into our kitchen build and without the hope of jinxing anything, pretty nearly out the other side too. It’s been…

Contemporary Styling for a New Kitchen/Diner

One part of being fortunate enough to have a new kitchen/diner is kitting it out with beautiful new items of furniture. I only mentioned to my husband earlier today, that we’ve actually never been in a situation where we’ve had…


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So why have we decided to have a new kitchen? … A tour …

So then, it’s been rather a while since I last posted a kitchen update, though to be honest it’s rather a while since I posted at all after a bit of an impromptu break! Oops! Anyway, as I let you…

Our Dream Kitchen – Inspirations and Dreams

Dreaming of a new kitchen has been something I’ve done for as long as I can remember. It’s like it’s become a part of me. Even before I had a house I could call my own, I scoured page after…

Our Dream Kitchen: The beginning of our journey

I suppose I’ve had grand ideas about the kind of things I want from my home and my kitchen for a very long while now. Years in fact. As I mention below, I have for far too long sat watching…


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