Gorgeous Father’s Day Gifts with AMARA Living

Father’s Day is just around the corner, in fact in only 11 days time now! But don’t panic!!, I’ve found the perfect place to shop where you can grab all your last minute Father’s Day gifts and goodies in just one place! AMARA…

October – A Month of Celebrations

This month has been a bit hectic to say the least. October is regarded to as ‘birthday month’ in our household, and as such is a whole mixture of joy, happiness, stress, depression, and despair depending on the age being…


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My Life Lately: Parties, parties, parties…

Friends Parties… It seems that every week there is a new party for Holly to attend. It used to be bad enough – but now she’s at big school in a class with 29 other children, it’s practically doubled! Last weekend…

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas – for EVERY type of Daddy

With Fathers Day at the weekend I thought I’d provide you with a little inspiration to get your creative juices flowing for that perfect last minute gift for your father, in fact, for any type of daddy. I’ve mixed it up…

Our ‘not so’ Secret Santa!!!

So we’ve all heard of Secret Santa? Right? Oh, so if you’re not so familiar with the concept here is a very brief description of how the game is played…. I suppose it’s usually played within a company among colleagues, or a…


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