A bright addition to our kitchen table

If you’ve read a previous post of mine, you will know how much it meant to me to finally get the appropriate use from our little kitchen table, having had it bumped up against the back kitchen wall for such…

Our Kitchen Remodel – Week One Update

So, it’s now been a very long and I suppose in some cases, a slightly disappointing 8 weeks since work started on our kitchen and dining room remodel, to merge the two areas together to create a larger, and more…


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So why have we decided to have a new kitchen? … A tour …

So then, it’s been rather a while since I last posted a kitchen update, though to be honest it’s rather a while since I posted at all after a bit of an impromptu break! Oops! Anyway, as I let you…

Our Dream Kitchen – Why Indecision is not an option

Embarking on any new project or venture is always going to be a learning curve. Some bits easier to grasp and understand more than others. But one thing we’re finally realising with the planning of our new dream kitchen, is…

Our Dream Kitchen: The beginning of our journey

I suppose I’ve had grand ideas about the kind of things I want from my home and my kitchen for a very long while now. Years in fact. As I mention below, I have for far too long sat watching…


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