Holly’s first trip to the cinema

So today I decided it was high time to introduce Holly to the world of cinema.  And due to her total, though very recent, love of the film Tangled (I think I’ve watched it about 20 times since Christmas), I thought there could be no better way than through Frozen; the totally fabulous (I think I’m a big kid at heart!), addition to the Disney family, inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson tale of The Snow Queen.

It was very sweet as Holly was just so super excited before we went in. I asked her how big she thought the cinema screen would be, upon which she reached out her arms as wide as she could, and said “this big”.

I find the innocence and unknowing so endearing, all these new, first time experiences where our little ones really just don’t have a clue what to expect and where imagination, awe and belief runs wild.

Once up the escalator (she loves these too) we waited in the main cinema foyer for my sister and Holly’s cousins to arrive. This was something she was ‘extra’ excited about as she loves and looks up to them so much.  Going to the cinema was something ‘bigger girls do’ – so she was on cloud nine to be part of that something with them.

Whilst waiting, Holly spotted the huge bank of goodies in the pick ‘n’ mix section, with further rows of sweets and chocolates in the adjacent cabinets. Christmas it seemed had come early!

I let her choose a selection of sweets – I knew it wasn’t such a good idea for her to have a whole pick ‘n’ mix to herself at 10:00 in the morning but I really wanted her experience to be a good one?!?!?!  Next time, I’m most definately cutting back on the sweets!

Once the others arrived, we all found our seats which had been booked for right at the back of the screen room, firstly so as to not get crooked necks but also to ease Holly slowly into such a booming loud tv room, as I had heard from others that sometimes little ones can get quite scared on their first visit.

On the whole she did very well. In that, I mean she seemed engrossed by the film, which she was; not that she stayed in her seat, which she didn’t! Instead she sort of wandered around the back seats of the cinema (there were only us and a couple of others viewing today – I really would not have let this happen if fully booked!) and at one point, I saw her led on her stomach descending the centre staircase! Although constantly, with eyes fixed like glue to the large screen in front of her!

On the occasions where I thought she was returning to her seat she was only really returning to her small box of sweets.  Either that or because it was a scene where a little reassurance was needed!

She loved the film though and I think it had the right amount of humour to counter the more ‘intense’ scenes, shall we say.  I must admit though, there were times where I couldn’t tell who actually was having a better time, the kids or the adults!  Personally, I’m in love with the fabulous Olaf the snowman!!

All in all, we had a lovely morning and I’m sure we’ll return to see something soon – though as I said earlier – perhaps with a smaller sized pick ‘n’ mix!


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