Weight Loss – My nemesis!

I’ve just seen another episode of the latest box set series I’ve become addicted to and have just watched one of ‘those‘ scenes – you know the sort, the ones you wouldn’t want to watch with your parents about!  Anyway, in the throws of passion, the guy sweeps the girl up into his arms and whisks her through to the bedroom to carry on cuddling (ahem!!)

I know, I know – I can hear what you’re saying.  “she must be twice his age” – well yes, I probably am!  But hey!!

How romantic and passionate I thought. So much so that I actually rewound the scene and pressed playback!  But enough of that. The next thought I had was how on earth would anyone (my darling husband!) be able to lift me up like that with such ease, and without stumbling backwards into some table or something!

So exactly how hard is it to lose a bit of weight?!

For me it seems impossible!!

I’ve always had an issue with my weight and image.  I’m not very tall, only 5 feet, (although I’ve rounded that up ever so slightly!), so I’ve always found I’ve had a harder task to maintain a lower weight/leaner image. I sometimes find that I’m actually a smaller size than some of my friends but because they are all so tall (hmmm – perhaps I need to get some new shorter friends?!?), they are able to carry it off far better than I do.

Weight loss for me feels like climbing a mountain! I have absolutely no motivation or willpower whatsoever, plus I’ve just spent the last year on maternity leave so the fridge has always been within reach. I find I need to work to a goal. Almost like some people who try to quit smoking, they’ve said they had to actually ‘want’ to quit before they were able to do so.

Through pregnancy, I just let myself go. I was a bit of a couch potato, though much of this was also due to medical reasons. I ate pretty much what I wanted, when I wanted. I do say though, that although I wish I hadn’t eaten so much, I will still back my own corner and say that the rest and relaxation was good for the safe birth of my two beautiful babies.

Once I’d had our second child and we knew we weren’t going to try for another baby, I knew it was time to do something about the weight. Plus, my husband and family had noticed how unhappy I was, so we decided something had to change.

I’d previously tried most of the regular weight loss methods over the years. All the main big brand-name diets, some of which worked, some which didn’t.  I just found that even if they did work, it was only for a while, but the ever present and all too tempting lure of food always beckoned!!

I even tried hypnosis where I said my main goal was weight loss and to find a different way to view food, but I found that she concentrated more on other areas of my life which she felt held more importance, so never really got anywhere with the diet.

So in the end I had to resort to extreme measures!  Back in July 2013 I enlisted the help of an ex-marine personal trainer (who I must say looks slightly like Daniel Craig!!) to help me get in the right ‘mind-set’ and get fit once and for all. The idea was that he comes to train me at my house, so I’d have no excuses!!

I know it’s expensive, but there would be no point for me to pay a gym membership fee as I’d never turn up! I have no will power so need someone to physically come and tell me I’m doing some exercise!!

My other motivation to lose weight was that I had to fit into a size 12 bridesmaid dress by December 2013 which had already been ordered for me!!

Generally I did well, and achieved my goal of fitting into the bridesmaid dress. But looking back at the photos I can see I’ve still got a long way to go. And I know that the only real way I’m going to do this is through sensible healthy eating and regular exercise, both of which I’ve failed to maintain since the wedding and the festive fun of Christmas.

So, goal number 1:
To get fit! My girls are both so active I was finding it hard to keep up. Holly is a typical 3 year old, so loves running around playing games (even as I’m typing this post, she is running back and forth along our bedroom floor to try and ‘make herself tired ready for bed!!!) and Ella has just started crawling, so is becoming more mobile by the day. Plus running up and down the stairs fetching this and that for them is exhausting!

Goal number 2:
To lose weight and tone up – my aim is to lose a further two stone and to fit into size 10 clothes with ease. I love fashion, and would love to be able to wear the outfits I drool over in all the magazines.

Goal number 3:
Build my confidence – I believe that once I’m a thinner version of me, I will become a more confident person also. I’m often held back by thinking too much of what others might be thinking about me. And my weight is one of these issues, so if I achieve that, I feel I could achieve anything. I know there’ll be some of you out there who wholly disagree with this and believe you can be a strong, confident woman whatever size you are. And I strongly believe you can. This is just how I tick personally and not a general judgement of people.

Goal number 4:
To achieve a healthy lifestyle – I would hate for my children to have the same body hangups I’ve had over the years, so I’m thinking that if I lead by example, by taking regular exercise, eating healthily and finding enjoyment in lots of sports and outdoor activities, perhaps they might just follow!! Well here’s hoping anyhow!!

So there we go. You know a whole lot more about me now heh?

So, as I go along my journey I will try and remember to bring you little updates as to how I’m going. So fingers crossed and wish me luck!!

Anyway, I’d better go as my husbands just got back with our Chinese takeaway!! (I told you I had no willpower!!…………..The diet starts tomorrow!!)



  1. 8th July 2015 / 4:45 am

    It has been for me, before. But then I realized I can’t stay that way. I have to love my weight loss journey to be successful on it. And I am glad that I decided to see things on their positive side.

  2. 25th October 2014 / 8:25 pm

    Ooo how are you getting on with it? Respect for hiring a hardcore personal trainer!! I did slimming world after both my babies and found it excellent and easy to stick to, the threat of weighing ion weekly did it for me!! X

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