Holidays to remember – Turkey, September 2013



Last year we approached my parents and asked if they would like to come on a family holiday with us.

Now, of course this was to spend quality time with my Mum and Dad from my own point of view; and so that they were, in turn, able to spend quality time with their grandchildren at such a cute and fun age, but some, those doubters amongst you. would probably say it was purely for the babysitting!!

OK – so a sort of bonus! 🙂


Mikey and I had already pretty much chosen where we fancied going as we had been to this particular resort for a week the previous year and loved it.

So, in September, off we all jetted to Lykia World Resort, Olu Deniz, Turkey. (Another reason for choosing Turkey was that we used to work out there, so know the area rather well and loved the people)



Anyway, yes, the babysitting was a distinct advantage!  Not that they babysat for the kids whilst we went swanning off each night or anything.  Instead, it just meant that my husband and I could spend quality time with H, be that playing in the pool, walking around the resort or building sandcastles on the beach, whilst E was safely being looked after back at base, with Mum reading her magazines and Dad engrossed in another book!

We found this resort pretty much perfect of all of us.

It was well suited due to the abundant facilities it has.  A vast kids pool and play area, easy dining options, accommodation to cater any family requirement and plenty of shady seating/lounging options to suit an eight month old baby.  I also knew that my Dad would love it.  He is very into his gardening, so the fact its nestled in a cove amongst a large, mature pine forest, with the most beautiful and well kept grounds and floral beds was a complete lure!!  And my Mum – well she’s just happy when we’re all happy!!





The only concern I did have for them was that the resort is set on rather a steep incline, so although we walked between the kids area and the main beach front a couple of times (great butt workout I found!), we tended in the end to jump on the complimentary bus service.

The holiday was superb!

E was rather poorly for some of it as she had picked up a cold whilst travelling out there.  So that was hard in itself, but then added to the heat (I think it was about 38 degrees each day) it proved even harder! And, as any parent is probably well aware, taking any baby to a hot country with a time difference always has it’s problems.  Her sleeping pattern was way off, so that, complete with the blocked nose meant for many sleepless nights for Mikey and I.

My parents also had an amazing time.  Though they enjoyed every minute of time spent with us and the girls, the resort was big enough that they could just slip away to a quieter part or to one of the adult-only pools for a little rest and recuperation – it was their holiday too I suppose!

All in all, a fab holiday, but like all others, over far too quickly.

We would all love to return here some time in the future, perhaps with my sisters family in tow too, as I just know her kids would love the water park, but I suppose all that will depend on cost once H and E both require plane seats and of course, the loathsome school holiday price hike!!








  1. 14th September 2016 / 2:31 pm

    Lovely photos. Reminds me of our holiday to Turkey when my girls were similar ages.

  2. 26th January 2016 / 5:12 pm

    We are going this Summer so I am glad to hear you loved it so much that you would go back again. Look forward to comparing pics! It looks exactly the same as the brochure which isn’t always the case 😉

  3. 4th January 2016 / 7:05 am

    I enjoyed looking at your family photographs. Your children look like they had a great time – such freedom.

    I travelled to Olu Denis some years back. It was one of my most memorable holidays. The beach, the food, the people.

  4. 1st January 2016 / 5:37 pm

    Ahhhh we went to Olu Deniz when I was pregnant with Zach. It was amazing but so so hot I basically spent the whole time round the pool! We were staying at this gorgeous resort in the mountains and we did attempt to go down into the town for one day but where it was 37 degrees in the mountains, it was 40 down the bottom! I couldn’t cope! It was amazing though and so so beautiful there. Exciting too as there was an electrical that knocked all the lights out one evening when we were at the bar! Descended into pitch black! I’d love to go back there again!

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