Not forgetting the small things #3

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, H has now been familiarizing herself with horses and ponies since a baby.


It’s not that they have their own horses (although I am working on that!!), but that they exercise another ladies horses at her stable yard. Grandpa J also assists with the local Riding for the Disabled, and the both of them regularly go on horseback holidays, be it from galloping along a beach somewhere or literally swimming across crocodile infested waters in Africa!

They are pretty hardcore!!


So anyway, as a result of them looking after H (and now little E as well seeing as I have started back at work) every Tuesday for a couple of years now, H has become rather fond of the ‘rather expensive to keep’ four legged friends!! (we used to have our own – so I have an inkling as to what things might cost – although that was rather a few years ago, so things may have got even more expensive!)


Practising at home!!!!!

Up until recently – it has just really been a case that she has literally sat on the horses and been led around the paddocks, ménage, roads etc, and has been helping to muck out and feed – although I do wonder if this is probably more like just ‘generally get in the way’.


She hadn’t really had any lessons as such, as she’d been far more interested in playing. Either with the horses themselves, or the dogs, the cats, the chickens!!


E up at the stables with Grandma

So this week, H came bounding back in (becoming a regular occurrence on a Tuesday evening!) this time announcing proudly to mummy and daddy that she has learnt how to trot.

‘A proper up and down trot too’ she said!

I was very pleased for her, especially as the beaming wide grin spread proudly across her little face.

I asked her if she’d show me how to do it, whereby she proceeded to pretty much trot around the hallway!!

Up and down, up and down, up and down!!

It was very funny.

Well done H.

We are very proud of you.

I wonder in a few months’ time what I will be posting and how far you’d have come from this day.

I suppose only time will tell, but one things for sure – unless we win the lottery I’m afraid it won’t be that you have your own pony!!

Go and hint at Grandma some more!!



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