The Ordinary Moments 14

So this week unfortunately has been yet another bug, illness and general germ infested week. I get the impression that as a family we are being hit by everything going at the moment.

But, with fingers crossed, and a dash of positive thinking, our run of bad luck on the bug front is finally coming to an end.

Subsequently, as a result of all the sickness, a fair few of our planned ‘to do’s (read here) were not done, and rather a lot of our good intentions for the weekend are now been bumped and are well intended for next weekend instead!

Therefore, at the weekend, rather than go out and spend time with friends for our pre-arranged play dates, and swim dates, etc, this weekend was mostly about staying in with mummy and daddy and having some ‘family’ time.

And it was just lovely.

I was still very keen to do arts & crafts with the girls as, due to working, I never get the time to do this with them throughout the week, which, I’ve come to learn and realize a lot more lately, is something I miss awfully!!

So we held our very own craft morning instead.

I must admit I cheated somewhat and bought kits from a shop, but still, we were very proud of our combined efforts in creating Halloween lanterns and spooky door hangers.

All whilst we blew our noses and supped on Lemsip!! Perfect!

The girls loved it.

Arts 1It was lovely to watch as Little E wanted to copy her big sis, so was equally as keen to sit and make pretty things, though of course she didn’t really have a clue as to why or what they were for or in aid of.

Which I suppose is why, once they were made, we found her sitting on her own in the living room, un-sticking all the stickers she (and poor H) had just spent time decorating!

arts 2Hmmmm!!

Naughty Little E!!

One thing that I’d been meaning to do for ages was to sort out our Tupperware cupboard. How boring huh!!

How is there always so much!!

I swear blind this stuff just breeds!!!

So, as I sat on the kitchen floor sorting things neatly into piles and bags, H and Little E were, of course, there on hand to help me unsort the piles and tip out all the bags!!

In the end I had to put them in the naughty giant Tupperware container!!!!

Which they found hilarious!

box 1Then Grandma C came to the house to help Mr B with some gardening.

This often happens in our house. Grandma C is a very keen gardener. So much so – that I’m still a pretty awful gardener myself as I have a very good one I can just call up!!

So, as I tidied up a bit in the house and finished putting away the aforementioned Tupperware, Mr B, Grandma and the girls put on their boots and coats and went outside to dig!!

So, although the nasty bugs were still out to get us – we didn’t let them win and had a wonderful family weekend nonetheless!!!

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