My weekly photo roundup | 24 November 14

Roundup week 1


1.  So it looks as though mischievous Little E found the camera facility on my phone whilst I had my back turned.  What a lovely photograph of her boot!!!

2.  Last weekend we went for breakfast at Bill’s, the new restaurant which has opened up in our little town.  We did it as a treat with friends after H’s dance class. They loved it – although I put in a pretty poor mummy performance and forgot Little E’s change bag – and sods law – she did the most almighty poo!!  Home time!

3.  Little E pretending to be shopkeeper, in her friend Harry’s new playroom.


1.  So, no sooner had I straightened the duvet covers, plumped all our lovely handmade cushions and arranged them neatly on the bed – did H take a fancy to them and promptly buried herself in amongst them to watch her cartoons.

2.  Me and Little E having a selfie moment.

3.  Enjoying some VERY rare ‘downtime’ whilst waiting for my appointment at the chiropractors.


1.  A little pic of the beautiful flowers I bought for a friends ‘new home’ gift.  Lily’s and Brassica’s.  So yes, pretty much lily’s and cabbages!!  Rather stunning cabbages though I must say!!!

2.  My new best friend!!!  I LOVE SWEET & SALTY POPCORN!!!  And supposedly so much better for you than crisps!!  What’s not to love!

3.  Little E looking all studious whilst scribbling on mummy’s notepad.  It almost looks as though she’d written the list herself!



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  1. 24th November 2014 / 7:39 pm

    Love seeing your pics! How comfy does Little E look snuggled up in all those cushions on your bed! Cute! Xx

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