Weekly Photo Roundup | 13th April 15

It’s Weekly Photo Roundup time again!

Weekly Photo Roundup


Left:  My lovely tulips are coming out.  They’ve been planted with tall grasses and with black grass at their base.  Should be so lovely when they are completely out and the sun is shining.

Right:  My two girlies looking a filed longingly as they desperately wanted to stroke the miniature ponies.


Left: I heard the girls helping themselves to the fridge, then the sound of the cutlery drawer so I knew they had helped themselves to yoghurts.  This was the outcome!  In her eyelashes and everything!

Right: Bright blue sunshine on a cold and windy Saturday morning.

Weekly Photo Roundup


Left: My new found love of yellow!!

Right: An evening picnic in the living room for the girls after a very scrummy pub lunch of Sunday Roast dinner.


Left: My pudding at the country pub.  Earl Grey creme brûlée, served flaming at the table.  It was lovely – but the little puddle of neat brandy on the top was a little much to take!!

Right: My new pride and joy!  My fabulous new trees to smarten up our garden a bit.

Hope you’ve had a lovely week too. What have you been up to? 



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