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I’ve always regarded my nails as most probably the best part of my body! They’re strong, they’re quick to qrow in a nice shape and they save me lots of pennies as I don’t have to pay for fake ones all the time. Yay!

I love that I can change them according to my mood, or choose a colour to match an outfit, even if it was just for the day. They are sort of like a mini-fashion statement if you will.

When I have my nails done professionally – I feel like a new woman when I step out of the nail bar! And if I’m honest – I think I’m one of ‘those’ people who over gesticulate with their hands – or think I’m some kind of amazing hand-model when it comes to pulling out my purse and paying at checkouts – just so that EVERYONE notices my fabulous and perfectly manicured new nails!!

So, when I was recently contacted by Little Ondine asking if I would like to try their new nail polish out, of course I said I’d love to!

Any new nail varnish is good news to me, but one of the reasons I really wanted to test this one out particularly was because they said it was made entirely from natural ingredients and completely free from toxins plus……..

Here comes the good bit……

You can just peel off the product without having to use nail polish removers when you’re ready for a change!!

How amazing is that!

So understandably I was intrigued and said yeah send them over!


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The Branding & Packaging…

The packaging is really cute. Though I must say – if these are stocked like this on a shops shelf, I would probably struggle to see the product colour clearly enough through the little gap, without having to open it up and take a peek. But, saying that, I can understand that perhaps it comes boxed, as opposed to ‘stand alone’ due to the fact it has a few more instructions for use than with standard varnishes.


The Product…

The colours they sent me were L062 – Lava, LO66 – Cuddle, and LOO4 – Obsession.

As the nail polish is slightly less conventional than others available on the market, it comes with clear instructions as to how you should use and apply the product. These directions and guidelines are clearly marked on the inside of the each little box, along with a few extra little tips to help you care for your nails….


It’s a little unclear on my photograph so here is the list of instructions and tips:

· Shake well
· Wash and dry hands beforehand
· Apply 2-3 coats – this is where as a busy mum – I was thankful for the quick drying varnish as otherwise this could have taken a while
· Clean edges
· Keep dry within the first hour
· Peel from side to side
· Give your nails a break


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I had to enlist the help of a friend of mine to try it too so it was easier to photograph (big thanks to the lovely Sarah!)

She absolutely loved the product! To be honest she pretty much loved everything about it! Its ease of application – not too runny like some varnishes, it only required a couple of coats, it really was quick to dry and the finish looked fabulous.

And she super loved the peeling off bit too! She said that she would definitely buy this product!

Her only qualm was that she was unclear as to the name of the brand, as where the ‘I’ and the ‘n’ are interjoined – this just looked like an ‘n’ so she had difficulty pronouncing it! As in Little Ondne, rather than Little Ondine.

But still – she is pretty sold on this nail varnish and is certainly going to look for it in the shops!

little ondine

The Range:

Considering it’s only a relatively new nail polish brand, it already has a wonderful array of colours to choose from….


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Pro’s & Con’s

I love that its different.
I love that it is made of natural ingredients and so is a pretty perfect beauty option for pregnant mums and kids too.
I love the fact that you can peel it off when you want to remove it – although here might be a bit of a sticking point for me – as I love to pick at things. I can see me getting through bottle and bottles of this varnish!

As I mentioned before, I do think it will harder to browse and select which colour to buy when stocked on the shelves due to its packaging
And unfortunately – I was going to label each of the varnish colours on my photo above, but when I took all three out of their packaging, there was unfortunately no way of telling which was which as there were no markings on the bottle themselves – this I think could also prove tricky if, once you’ve discarded the packaging of a varnish you love, it will be tricky to go buy it again at the shops without a name to match to.
But hey – these are just packaging and labelling issues to me – and like anything, are subjective – maybe it’s just me!

The product is still fabulous and has been a hit with both my friend and I.

My Verdict

I would definitely buy this product. And I think it would be wonderful as a gift in a mum-to be baby shower hamper due to the natural ingredients, but also to anyone really – as it’s such a new and innovative product – you all need to try it for yourselves.

You’ll love it!

To browse all the fab colours yourself or for a little more information, here’s the website… Little Ondine


love steph


*I was sent some of these items for the purpose of this review – but all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own


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  1. 3rd August 2015 / 3:39 pm

    I love the sound of these,I hate taking off my polish – no idea why but this would be fantastic!Fab review x

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