A Little Life Update

So then, my recent ‘life grand plan’ to get back in the blogging zone again didn’t go quite according to plan, did it?! After posting for the first time in a fair while just a couple of weeks ago, things…

Another Weekend, Another Walk

I’m beginning to get used to this. A lovely long weekend walk. We’ve not long started the wonderful Spring season, but already I feel we’ve been trying to make the most of being out and about with the girls at…


I'm Steph

A lifestyle blogger with a passion for my family, our home & the travels and adventures we share together.

On here, you'll generally find me whittling on about my home style, our day trips & travels and the general daily mayhem of raising two little girls! Oh, and obviously anything that's caught my eye in the shops recently, too!



Perfect Day for a Pony Ride

It was such a bright and sunny morning, and luckily we’d already agreed with a good family friend, Bridget, that we would bring the girls up for an hours hack that morning. Bridget, has rather become part of the family really.…

Easter in the Midlife Mummy Household….

Well, while the rest of you probably tiptoed merrily around gardens, with your little ones tightly gripping onto their little Easter baskets with big grins of anticipation and excitement – I was slaving away indoors trying to keep house on an Easter weekend I…

Lazy days and lollipops

Hooray for sunshine! We had a lovely little weekend, although far too short, I must say! I started a permanent position at work this week and think this will be the first full weeks work I would have done since joining…


A very ‘Happy Birthday’ tea party

  It’s amazing how time just flies. Scary actually. One minute you’re nursing a tiny, beautiful newborn baby in your arms, and the next, your tiny baby bundle has turned into a cheeky, mischievous and energetic little wrecking ball!! Last…

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