Perfect Day for a Pony Ride

It was such a bright and sunny morning, and luckily we’d already agreed with a good family friend, Bridget, that we would bring the girls up for an hours hack that morning.

Bridget, has rather become part of the family really. A sort of extra Grandma figure to my two little mischief makers!

And it’s wonderful because they’ve grown up with her, as their own grandparents used to take them out each week with her too, and as a result they have grown extremely close and comfortable with one another.  And, the fact she has horses is a bit of a bonus as it means we can get them out and about, enjoying the great outdoors and learning to ride at the same time. How utterly perfect!

Up until now, Holly has never really had a ‘proper’ riding lesson as such, she’s more just gone along for the ride at every opportunity, or been up at the stables for mucking out duties etc.  Having had my own pony when I was younger (much younger!), it’s absolutely wonderful to watch them grow up with a love for horses as I did.

Holly is still a little apprehensive and nervous sometimes, so I think it’s high time that we actually treat these outings as lessons now.

Ella on the other hand is totally the opposite.  She has absolutely no fear factor and is far more gung-ho than her big sister. Perhaps it’s a second child thing though. After all, if she sees that Holly is fine and comfortable, then perhaps she assumes its perfectly safe and just gets on and does it.

Which personally I think is a fabulous attitude really, and one I know her dear Grandma, who passed away earlier this year would encourage wholeheartedly. After all, it was her motto too!

Speaking of their Grandma and Grandpa, it is also lovely for my husband to continue visiting the horses with the girls, as it kind of carries on what his mum and dad started, as horses played a huge part in their lives too, and it was through them and their friendship with Bridget, that we were provided this fantastic opportunity in the first place. Plus the girls Uncle Peter has recently taken to the saddle too and is having lessons over in South Africa where they live.

So with a bit of luck, its something we can all continue on with as a bit of a family tradition perhaps.

But anyway, back to last Saturday, here are some of the photos from our little walk……

All tacked up and ready to go….


This is the adorable little Teal, only 12 weeks old, full of boundless energy and the new addition to Bridget’s family!! I fell in love with her and if I could have put her in my pocket and taken her home, I would have done!


It was only a short little stroll around the block, but the scenery was just beautiful and the tranquility so welcome.


Obviously the girls had to take it in turns, and Holly got to go first. Ella was not entirely happy with this, but got a ride from Daddy instead!  Mainly due to the fact that our buggy had a flat tyre though! And with her leg still in plaster, she was obviously unable to walk herself. Though of course she did, as nothing much stops her, but we may have been a while!


More beautiful scenery. I loved the greens with the vast gold backdrop.


Holly looking extra gorgeous in her riding hat.  The blue silk was a present from Belle (the pony) for her birthday last year!


Just us and the countryside. Wonderful.


Ella’s turn!! She might have one leg in full cast, but that didn’t stop her! Come to think of it…. nothing really slows this one down!!


Daddy and Holly looking at the newborn calf in the field. It was only 24 hours old.  Unfortunately it was led down so I couldn’t get a lovely photo of it.


More cows! The mummy cow was the big black one at the forefront.  She most definitely had her beady eyes on us we stole a peek at her little baby.


This is the local village church.  So pretty.


Cute huh?


I know it’s only a plain old gate, but surrounded by the greenery of the trailing ivy and the old brick wall, made it slightly magical to me.


Heading for home after a beautiful morning spent together as a family, with good friends.


love steph



  1. 7th September 2015 / 11:48 am

    Aww! How lovely! It looks like you had a great time. Looks a perfect day for a pony ride x

    • 9th September 2015 / 2:42 pm

      Thank you – it was sooooo lovely! I just need to win the lottery now so that we can buy our own! Hahaha xxxxx

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