siblings…. { july }

As my first link up to the fabulous dear beautiful for Siblings July, I’m afraid I’ve not come very prepared!

At all!

For a start I could have at least clothed my children!!!

Though to be honest – this is how my girls like to spend most of their time.


Naked and natural!!

And why not I say!

And by the looks of it, we’re not the only ones enjoying naked splashing fun in paddling pools – I just read the post from Romanian Mum Blog too.

I wonder how many other gardens had little ones running around and playing in paddling pools too!


Although I will spare you from the overly naked photographs, which also probably wouldn’t go down very well when we’re all sitting together as a family looking back through my blog in years to come too!!

So this also perhaps explains why I didn’t have many photos I could really put onto my blog post.

This is the first time we had the paddling pool out in the back garden, with E at an age where she could now appreciate it being fun. And she loved it.  Although she was rather apprehensive at first.

H on the other hand was loving it.

Totally running through it, splashing in it, slipping and sliding through it.

Barbie and Ariel seemed to be having a nice time too!

The other thing H loved, was that her sister was now of an age to play alongside her.

And to make mischief together!

This is something I’ve really come to notice in this last month.  The way that they are both interacting together nowadays.

I adore to watch them together.

We were meant to go to a birthday BBQ this weekend, but were unable to as Little E seemed to develop some sort of awful rash at the beginning of the week.  So it wouldn’t have been fair to take her to party, for both her sake and theirs.

So at least we could all have fun as a little family instead!

H couldn’t understand earlier today why the paddling pool wasn’t out, so I  tried to explain we had emptied it last night (because Daddy is very precious about his flipping grass), and have not refilled it.  Plus I explained it was raining.  This didn’t seem to compute.

Which made me think.

Why can’t we go out and play in the rain?

If we’re going to get wet anyway – where’s the harm as long as its not too cold?

So this is something I’m adding to my ‘bucket list‘, as I think it’s something I want to do with my girlies.

Watch this space!

And I promise to get better photos, perhaps even with them in clothes next time!!







Even lunch was semi clothed!!

dear beautiful


  1. 16th July 2014 / 6:36 am

    Oh thanks for linking up with me 🙂 its great to see how much fun kids have in the water. your photos look great and i love the look on your eldest – looking straight at the camera 🙂

    • 16th July 2014 / 7:33 am

      No worries – had to link as we were do similar. Have you done photography long? Your photos are fabulous!! X

  2. 14th July 2014 / 6:54 pm

    Beautiful photos and going naked is probably the best way in this hot weather! 🙂

    • 14th July 2014 / 8:07 pm

      You are exactly right, though rather the children than me 🙂 x

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