Post Holiday Blues


So I’m back in the good old UK, from a fabulous fortnights holiday with my family and some friends in Greece.

And I’m shattered!!

We all are!

Unfortunately, Little E is still on Greek morning time, so she’s been waking at 4.30 for the last two days now. Mr B and I have almost been in a state of semi consciousness for the past two days, and I’m racking my brain as to how I can keep my eyes open!

I almost feel like I’m pregnant again, in that first trimester when you still can’t tell anyone of your pregnancy; when you have to nip off to the loo every half an hour for a cheeky kip; or when you brush your hair over your face a bit, just enough to hide the fact you have your eyes closed, though are still able to make it look like you’re reading emails!!

So anyway, this is me just checking in with the blogging world again, letting you all know I’m still here and I’ve not left just yet!!

I’ve got lots of lovely posts in the pipeline:

  • The obligatory holiday review
  • The next instalment of ‘Being a mummy is…..’
  • Joining in with all the wonderful linkies I’ve neglected over the past month
  • And I’m sure I’ll bore you with loads of my holiday piccies
  • ………With plenty more thrown into the mix!

So, this is me just wanting to say ‘Hi’.

It feels like forever ago that I last posted something, and once more, good old me feels incredibly guilt-ridden about that fact!

But, I plan to change all that again from now.

Just let me settle back in and re-adjust to being back from holiday and into the real world of my 9-5 office job, my adorable but ever demanding children, to-do lists coming out of my ears and a complete lack of funds to afford a cleaner!

Missed you all loads so can’t wait to catch up soon



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