H & Little E’s Christmas Eve Boxes 2014


I spotted this little idea everywhere over good old Pinterest this year, and really fancied giving it a go myself and adding yet another new christmas tradition into the ever growing mix for my fabulous girlies.

I know it could be seen as excessive, or extravagant (especially according to Mr B – but he’ll get over it – especially if I get him a chocolate bar!) to have presents to open on Christmas Eve night as well as on Christmas Day, but I promise you, all the items were going to be bought for their stockings anyway, so I didn’t really see what difference it made exactly when the girls actually opened them.

It’s just another fabulously wonderful excuse to spend quality family time together.  It provides us with the perfect ingredients for a cosy night in together, just the four of us, before the Christmas carnage begins when all the family descends into one room tomorrow!

Plus I personally LOVE Christmas, and if I’m the one responsible for buying the pressies and doing all the wrapping, then I say we’re doing it!!

So with a bit of luck, this is year one of the Burroughs Christmas Eve Parcels!

IMG_0243 IMG_0248

And here’s a closer look at what they will find inside this evening…..


Personalised Christmas Tree Baubles with little mini flashing lights!


What fun for little ones!


New Slippers.

Ready to keep their little feet and tootsies nice and warm on Christmas Day.


Favourite Character Choccie Lollies.

Just enough to spoil their appetites with before Christmas Family Dinner!!!


The biggest chocolate gold coins I could possibly find!


Some home made reindeer food for Rudolph and his chums.


Some festive head boppers!

Why not!!

It’s Christmas!!


Some popcorn ready to snuggle up with mummy and daddy to watch a Christmas movie together.

*Other brands available* 🙂


A festive story book each – lovely new additions to their beloved bookshelf.


Some new PJ’s.


And they will look especially cute as I have bought them matching ones!


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