Fun at the fair

Each year, our sometimes rather sleepy (though not really so little!) town invites its local businesses, organisations, clubs and schools to don their fancy dress outfits and show off their crafting and invention skills to dream up, create and build their very own team rafts on which to race along a stretch of the Kennet and Avon Canal.

It was rather a lovely sunny day, not too hot, yet not too cold.  It was just right.

Our little family decided to take a leisurely stroll to the canal and down along the towpath to see what crazy rafts and antics we could spot on our travels.

I entered the race once before myself.

A very long time ago mind, through a company I was working with at the time.  I remember dressing up and generally helping out over the locks, where a support team, if you like, helps the rowers to haul the raft out from the water, carry it over the lock bridge, and quickly pop it back again, so as to keep on good time!

Sounds a bit nuts really doesn’t it – but hey, we all need a little ‘crazy’ in our lives sometimes don’t we.

Anyway, as it turned out, we were a little too enthusiastic and had obviously thought too highly of the teams involved, as by the time we’d walked the length of the canal side path to the park, we’d seen a grand total of zero crafts!!!

Oh well.  I suppose there’s always next year.

But in a way we weren’t too worried, as in the park they had laid on craft and games stalls, vans full of treats like candy floss, doughnuts, hot dogs; the pedaloes were dotted around on the duck pond and there were a whole host of miniature fairground rides for the kids to enjoy.

H was so excited!

She started on the swing ‘merry-go-round’ thing (I’m sure it has a ‘proper’ name, but I’m afraid I don’t know it!),  but didn’t really last too long on it!  In fact, she was hoisted off before it actually started merrily going around!!

She obviously didn’t fancy that one then!!!


So instead we headed over to The Big Top……..



And as you can see form the pictures, this was a little more successful!!!

Both H and Mr B climbed and slid down the rather high inflated bouncy slide about five times before their turn came to an end.

H came off buzzing!

Mr B admittedly less so!

And finally it was time to win the yearly inflatable!

Last year she proudly returned home with a three foot lollipop, but this year it was to be a three foot American baseball bat instead, complete with the obligatory stars and stripes!!






And this was the same fair this time last year…

….complete with inflatable lollipop!!

How scary to think a whole year has flown by already.




 I wonder what inflatable it will be next year??

And I wonder if we’ll actually time it right to see any crafts?!?!?




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