Beautiful Blooms

In my latest monthly favorites roundup for March, I wrote of my absolute love of beautiful fresh flowers.

Flowers have never really made an appearance in our home over the past years. Well, real flowers that is perhaps.

Because yes of course, I’ve had the obligatory artificial, and extremely fake-looking orchid display and the purchased-because-it-was-the-done-thing-to-do, but forgotten about, potted green-leaved plant, placed high on a mantle, both of which have just been good for gathering dust.

And, as I explained in the above mentioned post, I’ve never been the lucky recipient of a surprise romantic bouquet or two either.

From my desk at work, I have a very good view of the mail room hatch, where quite often I sit and watch with green eyes, as gorgeously hand tied flower arrangements are passed over to happily surprised recipients.

But again, this was something I didn’t often do. Not entirely sure why. Perhaps I just didn’t think the spend was a necessity, and therefore I’d back out of buying them. Bread and milk probably won instead.

But, oh how things have now changed.

More and more nowadays, I’m finding an absolute need to have them in the house. And the reason is purely to brighten my day and make me smile. Now if that’s not a necessity, then I’m not sure what is!



They stagger me. I am intrigued and in awe at their sheer but individual beauty, delicate intricacy and glorious scents.

In every colour, shade and hue you could possibly imagine and to satisfy every taste and style there is.  One day, I’d love to go to Chelsea flower show, and see how the experts choose to use and style them, and I’m sure, you’d find me stricken with pure wonderment at the sheer volume of beautiful blooms which have been chosen to star in the show!

Flowers, and more-so, styling with flowers, will stand the test of time, and never go out of fashion.

They should displayed loud and proud in every household, as they are too wonderful just to be used for special occasions only.

Don’t you agree?

Flowers can't solve all problems



love steph


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