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Well firstly, I can’t put into words how happy I am to actually be hitting publish on this simple little post, as it really does seem such a long time ago that I posted my last blog update. We’re nearly half way through June and my last post was the end of May! Oops!

The thing is, I’ve found myself in a kind of blogging slump over the past month.

Not entirely sure why or what may have changed, perhaps it’s been the humid weather making me feel all lethargic and lazy, or perhaps the lure of the glorious sun has been too tempting so I’ve found myself outside enjoying it instead of sitting at my little desk.

I’ve kind of been thinking also, that my blog has gone as far as it can go really too, with me working a full time job as I do struggle so much for time. And without the exciting lure of being able to grow it further or taking it to the next level, it’s sort of made me feel a little despondent about the whole thing. I find it quite a shame that finally I’ve found something I really enjoy with my whole heart, but I’m finding I can’t really get my teeth fully into it as others can, and do, as I just don’t have the time afforded to me.

So I took a little break to see if I would miss it.

And, as I knew I would, I missed it immensely and cried a lot at the thought of trying to give it up forever.

So here I am giving it another go! Hey, if I can’t publish once a day, or even twice a week, then so be it. At least I’ll still be happy in my little blogging bubble.

So, a nice easy post for me to kick things back off is to recap over my favourite things from last month……

A slight obsession with espadrilles.

Now, anyone who knows me is probably shocked beyond belief here, as I have a new obsession with flat shoes!

I generally live my days in some kind of heel or another but lately, espadrilles and skater shoes have just been calling out to me and I’ve found it hard to resist them.

And the sparklier the better!

My absolute favourites are luckily the cheapest, coming in at only £14, so of course I had to buy two pairs, just forward planning for one wears out of course.  That’s clever right?!


More fun in the Sun

Yes, the glorious weather of late has afforded us more fabulous time spent in the garden. My husband and I have been pottering around trying to get the garden back into some kind of order after the winter months, whilst the girls have been busying themselves with bigger and far more important things like playing and causing general mayhem.



Have I found a wonder cure to tame my holiday tresses?

I’m one of those people whose hair is affected by the weather. And I’m not talking for the best here!

Oh how I would long to be that girl who when it rains, just kind of flicks back her hair and instantly looks all sultry as if she’s just stepped out of the shower, or one who after a day on the beach, has beautifully and perfectly tousled beach babe hair.

Oh no, I’m that one who looks more like I’ve been through a hedge backwards or who’s had a fight with an electricity voltage and lost!

aussie hair oil

I’m Monica in Friends when she visits Barbados.

But, I think I’ve found a little product to protect my tresses from those oh so awful hair days! This little oil helped no end in the ridiculously humid Austin weather we experienced lately, so I plan to take it out on holiday to Greece soon, to give it a much more thorough two week test.

But, for the now, I’m rather loving it, and the smell is just divine!!!

We finally booked our new kitchen


We’re now into the final stages of our kitchen planning, with work now starting in just under seven weeks!Argghhh!

Check out my last posts here, here and here to find out what we’ve been thinking so far, and I have a couple of other posts in the pipeline to let you know a little more about what’s going to be changing.

So excited!! Yay!

More day trips and pub lunches

This is a little entry which seems to now be our monthly norm! Us at the pub, spending time with friends and out and about with our kiddies.

And I suppose in the whole grand scheme of things, its not a bad thing to be making a regular appearance.

We do so love spending time with friends and family, (which is another reason I’m so excited to be gaining a new entertaining space in our hourse), so being out and about is always a bit of a treat.


A trip to Texas!

A bit of a big one here, and one I’ve decided probably warrants its own entire post, so watch this space, but in the meantime, here’s a few of my fave piccies…






And lastly, a beautiful new family member to introduce you to…

This is Millie.

She is my sisters newest addition to her family and is a ten week old yorkie-poo!! She has already settled well into her new way of life and is proving to be your typical puppy, full of life and mischief! Oh and sharp little teeth!

She’s just like a little ball of fluff! We love her.




love steph




  1. 15th June 2016 / 9:53 pm

    Oh my god- she is just the cutest ball of fluff EVER!! I want her!! Glad you aren’t going to pick in your blog lovely, it would be such a shame. Do you know what? So what if you work- that is your life and so your blog will always reflect that. Even if you post once a fortnight or whatever it doesn’t matter. There is no need to post once a day or once a week, if you don’t have time then you don’t have time. And anyway, I love following you on FB so I feel like you update every day anyway. I tell you what though- looking forward to kitchen updates- how exciting!!! xx

  2. 15th June 2016 / 9:46 pm

    This is a gorgeous gorgeous post, glad you decided to publish, and yeah for sitting in the sun and enjoying life instead of sitting at the laptop! Texas looked super fab and I want those espadrilles!

    • 15th June 2016 / 9:52 pm

      Aww thank you so much lovely. I’ve had a little bit of a fight going on in my head lately, but hey, I’m getting back on track. Thanks for the lovely comment. Xxxx

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