Easter with My Rabble

Easter over already?! In which case, I think it’s high time I started writing again. (That’s it, pick yourself back off the floor, as I can tell you’ve fallen off your chair!) It’s been nearly six months now since I…

Our Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend this year was a very mixed bag affair. Firstly – it was very much longed for and needed, so no matter what, we were going to make the best of it, despite some rather horrid looking weather…


I'm Steph

A lifestyle blogger with a passion for my family, our home & the travels and adventures we share together.

On here, you'll generally find me whittling on about my home style, our day trips & travels and the general daily mayhem of raising two little girls! Oh, and obviously anything that's caught my eye in the shops recently, too!



Easter in the Midlife Mummy Household….

Well, while the rest of you probably tiptoed merrily around gardens, with your little ones tightly gripping onto their little Easter baskets with big grins of anticipation and excitement – I was slaving away indoors trying to keep house on an Easter weekend I…

Easter Bank Holiday Fun

  Now, things are a little tight at the moment for us so we tried to make the most of the long weekend without spending too much money. And, as only just into my second week of temping, I’m still…

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